Monday, September 17, 2012

Dogs getting another bad rap...

City fathers are frackin morons!

Yes they're contemplating banning dogs from a 10 block area, because DOGS are the whole reason that area is economically depressed. *headdesk, headdesk*  I will grant you that anyone who leaves their dog tied up to a parking meter for any significant amount of time is a Grade A Asshole.  I'll even grant you that these same assholes NOT picking up after their dogs is rude.  However...that is NOT you're main problem in this area. According to the various articles, including this one...several people have said flat out...'you want the area to get better...get rid of all the crime north of us, stupid'.

This is among the  types  gross stupidity and asininity that makes me want to hurt people.  By beating their heads against a wall to TRY and beat some common freakin sense into their thick skulls.


Remember..TANSTAAFL and...
I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.


  1. Hey wolf. Go read this...the newest one:)
    made me laugh...
    oh sooooooooo true!

    I still want an invite to blogorama dammit!


  2. Well, I have always wanted to go to a garden show:)

    1. A garden show? I like dog shows because I prefer dogs to most people and I like car shows a guy I like cars and I LOVE ogling the cute models.
      A garden show for me personally just sounds kind of boring,and I like pretty flowers..


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