Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Now on a similar thought vein to yesterday.  Pit Bulls. Love em...they are by and large big, goofy lovable idiots.  I've only ever seen a few mean ones and I've met plenty of pits.  A neighbor who lives next door to me right now has 2. Male and female. The female is...alas..a vicious bitch.  The male is just a big idiot.

The lady who lived in that same house years ago had two pits, a malte mix of some kind and a sheperd mix.. both of the pits were big idiots. The female was the bigger idiot. She outmassed the male by about 30lbs. OTOH the male WAS a mix soo..*shrug*  She wasn't just the bigger idiot because she outweighed the male...she used to jump the fence to come over for attention and love while her owner was at work and what not.  True story....One day we heard a noise outside.."my dad said.."is that stupid bitch out there again?"   Ayup...she was...bleeding all over the patio.  She'd jumped THROUGH the big bay window in the backyard of her owners house and then jumped the fence to come over for a visit. She'd sliced herself open from chest to damn near her pelvis and was wagging her tail as she bled out.  My mom got the silly bitch to the vet she works for...who cleaned her up and stitched her up.  We brought her home and helped the owner watch over her for the next several weeks while the cut healed. Trying to keep the big idiot from ripping her stitches. Not a vicious bone in that dogs body. Was she protective of the owner? oh yeah...but she really was a big happy go lucky idiot.

People keep suggesting you make it illegal to own or breed pits. Hell some think the breed should be irradicated.  Uhmmmm they said the same thing about Doberman's, Sheperds and Rottweilers...why does anyone need a dog like that?  Because they like the breed?  Here's the problem with breed specific legislation....once you start down that road of idiotic logic, where does it stop?  People shouldn't be allowed to own them because their dangerous? Or people in cities should be allowed to own breeds that were used for hunting etc?  uhmmm Hello......ANY dog can be dangerous. Irish Wolfhounds and Scottish Deerhounds were bred from running down game and hunting wolves. Mastiffs have been used to hunt BEARS...yeah wrap your brain around that one.  But were originally some of them, bred to hunt and track Poachers, ..which is an even more dangerous game. The rest were bred for war and protection. Protection of people and livestock.  The 3 breeds known commonly called "sled dogs", Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky, and Samoyed?  Weren't just used for transport muscle...again they also were used to hunt BEARS. [again...wrap your brains around that one] Terriers were bred for hunting everything from mice, to weasels to badgers. Sheepdogs...bred for herding sheep and protecting them from wolves. ETc Etc ad nauseum.

So seriously...if you start down that road of illogic, WHERE, pray tell me does it end?   Don't ban the breed. Get everyone and their mother to STOP FUCKING BREEDING THEM FOR A QUICK BUCK!  Case in point...that neighbor that lives next door now?  His bitch just had puppies. what's he gonna do? Sell em.  His brother lived in the house before him...his brother had a female that got pregnant more often than I care to think about and he sold the puppies.  To people like that it's all about the money.  I swear,, loudly and fucking profanely...that every health problem in almost any breed you care to name was because a breed became popular in modern times and was bred by everyone and their mother for a quick buck. Then half the fucking idiots who bought whatever breed it might have been; at least among the larger breeds; discovered how much WORK it was and either dumped them in the street or dumped them in a pound where with any luck they end up adopted out, but more often than not get put to sleep.  Have you ever stopped to think about why there are so many breed specific rescue groups?  the entirety of this paragraph is the answer to that question.

And people have the nerve to wonder why I hold the bulk of humanity in contempt and prefer the company of my dogs to most people. *snort*

One more tidbit. My mom works for a Vet. She will tell you, HE will tell you and so will many of the Vets they know...that they muzzle more goddamn Chihuahuas, than they do Pit Bulls. Matter of fact most of the dogs they muzzle are Chihuahua's. 

Remember TANSTAAFL and..
I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.


  1. I've always loved dogs. Not all dogs are created equal, some were created by morons. Not the dog's fault, but breeding an animal from a wolf into a rat that can fit in a wine glass is NOT a good idea.
    As for breeders, some I hold in the Utmost contempt. Some people that treat dogs like...welll...they should be sterilized (the people, not the dogs).
    I have a neighbor that I almost assaulted, when I told her leaving her two dogs in a small cage day after day shows an utter lack of humanity.
    She replied, @Well, I'm not home all the time@
    To which I replied, @Then DON'T have dogs you stupid fucking bitch.@
    She called the police,,,and I SHOWED the police what she was doing. They said they couldn't do anything but really understood my reasoning.
    Needless to say they walked off shaking their heads, and totally disgusted with this woman.


  2. Go read lawdog's new post...and then watch this.

    I'd like to hear what you think.


  3. Dachshunds. Badger-dogs. Bred to go down the badger's hole after the badger.

    Yep, your wiener dog was bred to be a hunter, too.

  4. Leaper..I agree with the Duke. Saw that one a while back.. As for what I think of what's going on in the M.E. right now? Somewhere back around the time the "Arab Spring" was happening in my archives is a post where I basically said that it was going to end badly for us.


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