Saturday, September 22, 2012


I've been sitting here off and on, going through old posts...damn.  It's scary how accurate in my assessment I was.  of what was to come if obummer got the nod and then won the election. 'Wolf...your posts don't go back THAT far'.  Check the archives for november of 2011.  I ported over a bunch of posts from 2007-2009 from a different blog I used to write at...before I switched to this one for my political and current events type writing.

Well...TTFN again boys and girls. 

Remember TANSTAAFL and..........

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.


  1. Yeah. We're f****d. don't see us kicking the shitbag out of office and I have NO faith in the sheeple. I see a rapid decline into 3rd world chaos while our Lords and Masters flit about the world, for the good of the children. American citizenry have no balls anymore. 1984 has come and de-balled 47% of the people. Then the so called meally-mouthed undecideds are the worst. Too chickenshit to make a decision . Too lazy to really check there facts/data. People get the gov they deserve.

    Makes me puke.


  2. Stop whining and do something. You want security? Build it. You want freedom? Take part and take them down in your local area.
    Just like we are doing here.
    Our county is fighting stupidity...but it's damn hard.

    1. I'll drool all over your butt otherwise...

  3. Do I hafta? :( Sniff

  4. Yes. I won't go into why, suffice to say that right now, things are rougher than a cob for my friend basset


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