Friday, September 28, 2012

Black Culture is fubar'd

*warning...foul language to ensue

when it consistently produces little fuckers like the following..
6 black teenage girls beat 48yr mentally challenged woman..for FUN.

Then the stupid little cunts posted it to their facebook page. *facepalm* 

All sorts of people are always bemoaning the dismal abyss that is most black culture.  They blame it on whitey...they pull the SODDI[Some Other Dude Did It] defense, but they never look in the mirror because after all...they can't POSSIBLY be responsible for their own actions can they? *snort*
Blame the parents[measure of truth], blame the welfare system[to which there is actually a measure of truth] blame popular black culture...again to which there is a measure of truth] but never blame yourself for your own actions.  Sorry that shit don't float with me.  You did the will fucking well do the time. Lets look at popular black culture. Got rappers out there talking about "bitches ain't shit", "go get my money bitch" "you ain't nothing but a ho now suck my dick bitch", "Imma pop a cap in yo ass you dispect me nigga" and on and on and on.  Got idiots out there glorifying a "cultural fashion" that is the very height of ignorance and stupidity. Leaving your pants hanging down and your underwear and ass showing.  You stupid bastards and bitches DO know where that started right?  It came from the men's prison system. It was a signal to other inmates that you were how shall we say...available?  In other words you were willing to drop to your knees and suck that cock and bend over, drop your pants and take it up the ass!  It STILL means that.   You've got a government that encourages people to not work, pop out babies so they can get government assistance for themselves and the babies..SSI, Food Stamps, Welfare, etc and let the government take care of you from cradle to grave so long as you vote to keep the people in office that give you that largesse by taking it from people who actually WORKED for that money.   True story. Neighbor of mine is football coach for one of the local youth leagues that keep kids off the street...or try to anyway.  He's the only father figure most of these kids[mostly black] have to look up to. He's a good guy. He was telling me the other day that he's got a set of brothers in league, on his team. Their mommy...has 6 kids. the 2 brothers by one day, two kids by another daddy, 2 kids by another daddy and 7th kid in the oven by yet ANOTHER daddy. She doesn't work, the government pays for her housing{section 8...look it up] the government from month to  month covers her cell phone, her house phone and utilities in part or in full. She's got food stamps for all the kids and welfare checks and supposedly child support for some of the kids. She doesn't work, doesn't have a job at all, drives a 2010.Lexus LX suv...and $80,000 truck I might add and pulls down about $75,000 a year with all the welfare programs.  These are the people "raising" those multiple generations of thugs and criminals.

You can blame the government for part of this for the government encourages this kind of long as these people keep voting for the politicians who distribute this money[all democrats by the way] the politicians will keep the money flowing.  It's a gravy train life for the people ON the welfare train and a guaranteed VOTE for the politicians who keep the train rolling

Next time some tells you it's "all whiteys fault, because of slavery" or whatever the excuse du juor in their case is..  Look them in the face and say "you want to know where the true problem lies?  Go look in a goddamn mirror."

Remember  TANSTAAFL and...
I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.


  1. I work like an asshole and still don't pull down that kind of dosh...and people wonder why we have so many on the dole.

  2. Ayup...pretty soon now those on the dole are going to outnumber those that actually work and then you've got about 2yrs before the whole place burns to the ground. Cheerfully thought, not?

  3. I think those on the dole DO outnumber the citizens.


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