Monday, April 26, 2010

Violence in Video Games and Kids

Okay the supreme court is gonna hear a case on violence and video games and the first amendment.
"The justices agreed Monday to consider reinstating California's ban on the sale or rental of violent video games to minors, a law the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco threw out last year on grounds that it violated minors' constitutional rights."

I'm of two minds:
Here's my problem with a law that was already struck down. Video games, like movies ALREADY come with a rating system, a rating system that IIRC, works like the movie rating system. if you're not of a certain don't get to buy it. IOW the retailers aren't supposed to sell it. It also lets parents decide whether they want to buy it for their kids. If you want to see footage from the games....use google to find footage you retards. If you do not want you're kids PLAYING it. DON'T buy it! Don't look to the local, state or federal government to do YOUR goddamn jobs as parents. If you wanted children and then gave birth to them, then by god, BE a parent!

OTOH since the law that was struck down was a state makes it a states rights issue as well doesn't it? IDK. I sure as hell don't want the government raising our kids.

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  1. Pah! The constitutional right a minor has is to shut up and listen to a constitutionally enabled adult. Kids have no rights. They are ignorant pond scum, where are the sweat shops when you need them???
    They want to play video games? Hook em up to the smelter and watch em scurry out of the molten pours. Heh.
    Put the lazy, shiftless bastiches to WORK! When I was a kid, I didn't have ANY free time for play! Uphill, both directions!
    When I played, it was to crawl underground with a spoon to dig sewer lines, and I liked it!
    Video games, pah!


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