Friday, April 16, 2010

The Democratic Congress and Obama 'Takeover Express' rolls on.

For those who cannot or WILL not see the truth. Or for those who might have missed these little signposts in the road....

1st, after being elected Pres. Obama, signs an executive order to close the prison for terrorist detainees at Gitmo. "Yeah there's a good idea..lets set free or put in prisons on AMERICAN SOIL people who want us dead. Oh and while we're at it we'll grant them them same rights our citizens enjoy. Yep that's a REAL good idea" *yes that was sarcasm..keep up*

2. We get yet another stimulus pacakage. Which hasn't worked.,8599,1870575,00.html

3. We get the bailout of the banks.

4. Then we get the auto industrytakeover/ bailout.

5. Now we have...The Healthcare bill..passed despite the fact nobody in their right minds wanted it.

The Pres and Congress are currently working on...

6. Cap and Trade

7. Immigration Reform aka Amnesty for the estimated 12-20million illegals in the country

In the last few months we've also had:
8. a friend of mine, over in the sandbox[that's the middle east for those of you who don't get the joke] in Afghanistan, training Afghan troops on everything..was told to shut down his blog on which he kept those of us among his friends in the loop on how he was and how his troops were doing.

9. Troops going hungry seems like the administration and more importantly the Pentagon Peanut Gallery, forgot that in this case the tail[logistics] is supposed to wag the goddamn dog! IOW if the logistics isn't in place, or is in place but not set up for the surge of troops you're sending out, Don't. Send. The. Troops. Until. The. Logistics. Are. There! If the boys and girls can't eat and run out of ammo they will be royally fucked. I for one don't want this to happen..since I'm friends with a couple of our lads and lasses over there.

10. One of the final insults to our military boys and girls...
The navy said it wasn't a policy decision but..I beg to differ when they lads and lasses in uniform get this message after trying to access Fox "Access to this site has been denied in accordance with Navy policy to safeguard the security posture and/or to maintain the operational integrity of the NMCI."
Access has since been restored.

Frankly when I add all this up, it equals one big clusterfuck of a takeover attempt/transfer of power, from the people to the pols to me.

Tell me again how great the Obama Presidency and the Current Congress are for America and it's people? I seem to be having trouble grasping the greatness but maybe if it's explained to me [AGAIN] I might succeed in finally understand. You know what? Never mind..I understand just fine. It's the rest of the people..those who support Obama and Pelosi etc..who don't have a firm grasp of the obvious, or a grounding in anything resembling reality.


  1. I really do think they are pushing us and pushing us and pushing us, to see who will break and start shooting. Then they can try and use the military or which ever one of the alphabet agenicies to come down hard on use red blooded, meat eating, gun loving, white Americans. I try to stay positive and hope it doesn't come to that, but if things keep going the way they are....

  2. Worse - re: "Rights of American Citizens." - the people at Gitmo were being treated as POW's , and now we're offering to try them as civilian criminals. They will have gone from merely being detained because of the state of conflict with no criminal status to being tried under our rules.

    *facepalm* I really, REALLY don't think the people who kept complaining how the gitmo prisoners "weren't charged with anything" (duh) had any understanding that as POW's they SHOULDN'T have been. And that if they were trying to make matters "better" for the prisoners they have failed miserably.

    ... add to that the promise to effectively never give them a fair trial by the O admin....

  3. Midknight...I know dude, I know. As I have pointed out elsewhere in my blog..there's a reason I keep my head sheared so SHORT.


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