Friday, April 16, 2010

Hot time in Iceland of their Volcanoes went 'POP' again.
It's spewing ash into the sky delaying flights etc. Now..some idiot said there can't possibly be enough magma underground to sustain an eruption of more than ohhhh..2 days. Newsflash for the idiot. Iceland sits on a HOTSPOT. A pipe directly into the earths core[for lack of a better description] that NEVER shuts off. It's always up and running. It's why Iceland is famous for springs. It's why Hawaii is famous for its almost always flowing volcanoes. Hawaii also sits on a hotspot. The hotspot is what created the islands in the first place. Now of more interesting worry to some is if enough heat is put out and spread out far enough to melt the ice cap over Eyjafjallajokull's[the current erupting beastie] neighbor Katla 16miles will go pop as well. And if I'm right [and I am] about iceland sitting on a hotspot..if BOTH of those Volcanoes go boom and continue to boom....Global Cooling hear we come. which as someone elsenet pointed out..will affect weather and[more importantly to my mind] crop yields.
Interestin side note..the last time that Eyjafjallajokull went pop was in December 1822. It erupted for a period of 13months. So you can't tell me there's not enough magma down there.

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