Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Texas and the Death Penalty.

I love living in Texas for many reasons. I'll grant you I could do without the heat in the summer but...*shrug* I can live with it, and hey..I get a nice tan out of the summer weather. So that's all good!
Now on to the Death Penalty. Texas USES it. Here's a blog entry from over at urbangrounds: http://urbangrounds.com/2010/04/samuel-bustamante/
About one douche bag about to get his just rewards this very night. I'm quite cheerful over the prospect of one less 2 legged cockroach eating up taxpayer money to feed, clothe and house him.

My only problem with the Death Penalty? Is we need to use it more and need to make it more cost effective. It costs anywhere from $40 to $55 and change for a 50vial case of Sodium thiopental, depending on where you buy it from. Potassium Chloride, I'm still trying to use google fu to find out.
Manila Rope is the traditional rope used for hangings. It was waxed or greased to make the noose slide better. I've looked you can get 600ft of 3/4" rope for about $225. This will last a lonnnng time. And the rope is reusable. Where as once the drugs are gone..they're gone until you buy more. So, to me at least, in the long run it's cheaper to hang someone. More humane? no. Cheaper..yeah I think so.


  1. I think it should be the victims choice how they want to die. Firing squad, hanging, gas chamber, electric chair, lethal injection, shark tank, whatever. What really needs to happen is to make the time from sentencing to appeals to death much, much shorter. Although Texas does do a good job of moving them through.

  2. Hypodermic filled with drano/bleach/kerosene is pretty cheap. It has the added advantage of being painfull too. I'm sure the murderers, liver chompers whatever didn't mind hurting their victims. Eye for an eye.
    Impaling is cheap too, reusable stakes too!



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