Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Free Speech and the Intarwebs...

Okay..once again I've been slapped down on a board by an admin for referring to our current crop of Politicians as retarded or some such word. In other words I used an insulting term or name called. Lets discuss this boys and girls. An insult is a form of Verbal Expression, generally an expression of either, anger, disgust and a feeling of revulsion. So how is referring to our current batch of nitwits as 'socialist retards' name calling? They are working on fundamentally changing the direction of this country against it's peoples wishes? What's worse is I'm told not to call them this because it MIGHT offend someone? *snort*
Got news for that of my best friends on the web, a man I've never met but consider like a brother has a daughter that literally IS mentally retarded. Somehow I suspect that my use of the word RETARD doesn't offend HIM. He probably considers it a waste and watering down from over use, of a perfectly good insult. But offended by it? Naaah. Hell, one of my own family members has challenges of her own in a slightly different way. Manic Depressive, wouldn't be at all surprised of a diagnosis of bi polar, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Tourettes, Hair Pulling, Numerology[IOW certain numbers are BAD] and...nope don't think I've left anything out. Now in her case she's actually quite intelligent..or she can be when she wants to do anything other than sulk, or isn't in one of her fits. So from a personal standpoint I don't consider RETARD highly offensive against those who truly ARE mentally handicapped when I'm using it to refer to politicians!
Using Insults to refer to politicians is logical and sane, since there are VERY few if any that are actually worthy of our respect. Most, if not all of them, are money grubbing, power hungry, socialist dicatator wannabes. When there are numerous politicians actually WORTHY of my respect, THEN I'll probably stop being so insulting in regards to them. However since that day is probably a long time coming, and I'll likely get slapped down for being insulting again.
Let me leave you with this little thought,
WHAT is the point in HAVING THE RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH, if you're going to slapped down and told to 'stop it' any time you exercise that right, because they disagree with something you say or the way you say it? It's a highly pertinent question folks. I don't mind being civilized and not cussing on a forum, or in polite..but I Will NOT refrain from throwing around insults and scathing words about people who are richly deserving about it, just because YOU don't like the way I phrased it!
As far as I'm concerned telling me not to use insulting language in reference to politicians or anyone else I consider worthy of insulting, is abrogating my right of Free Speech.
I am at this moment right on the edge of posting a message telling the admin,and anyone that catches the message before it's deleted, all this; and to tell him "fuck you, fine here's what you do..delete my goddamn account you sanctimonious toad, because I will not be told how to exercise my right of free speech and I will NOT be back to this board!"


  1. I keel you! Die Wolf, die! My daughter is whole galaxies above the 'tards in WA D.C..


    They put the re in tarded!


  2. I thought all politicians had those brain slug things attached to their heads like in Futurama. That would make more sense than the actual truth.

  3. @ John..hmmmmm, yeah that is true.

    @ Joseph..egads! You found me! How the hell did that happen? :) long as your hear..feel free to go back through my backlog of vulgar, ranty goodness. I think you'll particularly like the one about crime and race.

  4. I will my friend, check out mine if you want, not as good as yours yet, no rants yet, but give me time, give me time, one escapes Joseph...ha ha ha ha ha ha haha ha ha ha.


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