Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ahh Disaster Movies

To tell you the truth I'm getting more than a little bored and annoyed with Hollyweirds whole 'oh my god! oh my god! we're gonna be hit by that astroid/comet!, Volcanoes are gonna erupt, earthquakes are gonna happen and cause tsunami's, etc, etc ad nausem, We're all gonna diiieee!' schtick. It's gotten really old. Don't get me wrong..It's not that I hate disaster movies.some of them I thoroughly enjoy but we're getting a resurgence of that type of crap. One of my all time fave's is Meteor starring Sean Connery, among others. They did a made for tv miniseries remake of it on NBC. After seeing some of the previews I said..uh uh..not on the coldest day am I gonna watch this piece of dung. Well..I did catch a little bit of it. The little 50second bit of film I caught? Oh you know how in all those astroid/comet movies the big one is preceded by splinters and fragments? Well the little bit I caught showed a national guardsman heroically taking out a splinter traveling at god knows what speed,[but I guarantee it's faster than anything we've yet built can fly] by firing a Stinger shoulder launched, heat seeking, anti aircraft missle at it. A stinger? Really? Are you serious? the scriptwriter should be dragged across a field of broken glass naked for that one.

Another recent example is the end of the world mania, due to the Mayan Calender ending in the year 2012. And here we go again..there's gonna be a cataclysm that destroys the earth and everything on it; or at the very least wipes out humanity.
Seriously? Stop popping acid and shooting heroin people. After chiseling out a calender, into stone, 2000 YEARS in advance mind you. Don't you think that instead of it being a prophecy the world is ending, that it's a sign that someone got tired of hitting stone tablet with a stone mallet and chisel for a likely 12hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year? Personally I think one of the mayans finally said "fuck it, our ancestors can take this shit up again in the future..lets go get high and get laid!" at which point; all the other stone hammer and chisel wielding Mayans said "Fuck YEah!", "Right on Bro!", "Weed and lovin'!" dropped their hammers and chisels and walked away?

Seriously? Get a freaking grip. Hollywood..stop making this crap into's annoying. Try growing an imagination, and make some good movies would you?


  1. Yeah, the stinger one was cool! That GI had eyes and balls of steel! Most people cannot see an object travelling at 15-20,000 mph (minimum), track it with the ol' eyeball mark one (or listen to the sonic boom) instantly calculate where it will be--some 30/50% of the world away--lead and fire the stinger for an impact... Can't use the stinger to close from behind, fragment going a tad fast. I was very impressed. Our mil training must be awesome! Best in the world.


  2. the stinger was cool? Welll that settles HAVE lost your mind. :) Oh and by the way..were you actually insane enough to sit through that entire thing?


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