Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Childhood Obesity and National Security:One and the Same?

Well according to a group of retired military officers it is a BIG threat to national security.

"Too fat to fight? Many American children are so overweight from being fed french fries, pizza and other unhealthy foods at school lunchrooms that they cannot handle the physical rigors of being in the military, a group of retired officers say in a new report."

Interesting so what do they propose?

"Today, the group is urging Congress to eliminate junk food and high-calorie beverages from schools, put more money into the school lunch program and develop new strategies that help children develop healthier habits.

The school lunch bill, currently awaiting a Senate vote, would establish healthier options for all foods in schools, including vending machine items. The legislation would spend $4.5 billion more over 10 years for nutrition programs."

Oh look their solution is yet MORE government interference. So long as a kid isn't THAT overweight, say more than 20lbs I don't see a problem. It's the military's JOB to whip it's recruits into the shape they want them in, and to train them to become efficient at the job the recruits sign on to do..break shit and kill people. Is obesity a problem? Yeah it's a problem all over the board..I'm about 60lbs past my own ideal weight..which is between 170-175..maybe 180max. OTOH I'm not planning on joining the military and know I need to get myself together and get the weight back off.


But is yet more federal government intrusion into the school system really the answer? Intrusion into a system that is so Fucked Up Beyond All Repair as to defy description AND sanity?
Seems to me federal interference[and the application of a liberal/progressive/ bureaucratic policies and nitwittery] in the school system is part of the problem. Is there too much garbage on the menu? Available in the vending machines? Yeah probably. However what kids eat at school has NO bearing on how they eat at home now does it? If they're not eating healthy at home, what the hell makes these retirees think that a healthier lunch program is going to make the kids eat healthier when they're NOT at school? Seriously. 3squares a day times 7 days is 21 meals a week. Now what EARTHLY bit of difference does force feeding kids a healthier menu 5 meals a week out of 21, make? When there is still 16 other meals plus whatever snacking is going on, going on when they're NOT in school. Now I suppose force feeding them healthier choices at skewl might prompt some kids to eat healthier on their own, when home. Might not. Part of the problem is, as I've said before, too many kids spend too much time sitting on their collective asses, surfing the web, playing the wii, playstation or xbox when they're at home, and not getting any physical activity. A lot of schools have taken P.E. out of the equation, which kept kids up and running for 45mins of their 8hr school day. Kept them interested in being outside and running around doing different things. My own thing was I loved to ride my bike. If kids aren't going out and getting that daily run around exercise, aren't being monitored by their parents as to what they eat and do etc, and are eating nothing BUT junk; everyday all day..it doesn't matter if you get them "5" "healthy" meals a week. If they aren't exercising and eating healthy to begin with...the kids will still pack on the weight.

Just my own .02c

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