Saturday, September 14, 2013


Yeah, I know. ya'll are probably as tired of hearing that name as I am, and for varying reasons.

Well as some of you may know George Zimmerman's wife called the cops and accused him of assault and pointing a gun at her.

Now he was released and in a simply shocking  turn of events..SHE has been arrested.

Now does anyone notice a difference in the two links?

No?  think on it. I'll wait.




If you guessed that the link about George is from a NATIONAL Big 3[ABC/CBS/NBC] affiliate and the other is a smaller outlet.  Congratulations! You grok*. If you didn't guess the correct answer...well there's always the next pop quiz I suppose.

The first got splattered all over the national news, non stop. While the second, outside of 2 smaller outlets is getting no play  whatsoever in the national media. Hell even FOX ain't bothered to report the 2nd one yet and I figured they'd be first to jump on it.

In other news Shellie Zimmerman was pled guilty to and took  a plea deal for perjury, about 2weeks ago. A friend of mine suggested that from his read of it, she was railroaded. That may or may not be...but did not the STATE government of Florida, and the progressive propaganda ministry ,and that quisling ass licking, duck fucking, dipshit we have for a President;  do that to her husband from the get go?   Is she not trying to do the same thing now to get a more favorable outcome for her in the divorce case against her soon to be EX husband?  Welcome to the party Shellie, karma is a bitch.

Hmmm if the video from Shellie's ipad show that she did in fact start the altercation with George the other day and was the one doing the assaulting?  I wonder what the fact that she's already on probation for lying, is going to do to any sentences she might garner if tried  and convicted by judge or jury for this assault charge?   For one it certainly violates the terms of her probation, so she'll likely get time behind bars for that alone.  We'll just have to watch and see.

Remember TANSTAAFL and.....

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

*you grok- understand, comprehend.


  1. All that groks is God. But it is not time to discorporate.

    1. you DO grok! *sniff* and people look at me like I'm insane when I shout drunkenly, as I stand on the roof "I'm a golden god!" ;)

  2. I have TIGER BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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