Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Are we any longer worthy?

Worthy of the legacy our forefathers created and left for us? This is the question that is rolling around in my mind right now. It hit me a little earlier this afternoon...and I've been pontificating on it ever since.  Why?  Here's 3 reasons. Perpend

1. The ACA aka Obamacare. A bureaucratic, job destroying clusterfuck of a nightmare. A bureaucratic job destroying clusterfuck of a nightmare that was rammed down our throats in the middle of the night strictly by the democrat party because no one else in their right mind would VOTE for the damn thing.  Oh and...Job Destroying that is unless your employer is or is soon to be the federal government. Under the ACA there will be 10's of thousands of new government jobs created. 16,000 alone at the IRS to enforce this clusterfuck and make sure people who aren't ON some sort of health insurance a fine along with their taxes...upwards of $2,000/yr for the next couple years, if I remember correctly.  After which point you can almost assuredly expect the cost of that fine to go up...mark my words.

Yesterday Ted Cruz started a filibuster which the snide are deriding and those in power are calling a waste of time to try and get the funding resolution he supports; which will fund every sector of government except Obamacare passed and educate the people a little bit.
*See my previous post before this one today.

2. We have Justices in their official opinions on a 5th amendment case referring to our constitutionally enumerated and protected rights, as privileges.     

will simply say that, the minute you allow the courts to redefine your rights as are farther down that path to fully screwed...and further down the path to communism or outright dictatorship, than I care to contemplate.  One more nail in the coffin of the legacy our forefathers left for us.  This one should scare the shit out of everybody.   No matter which side of the political aisle you fall on.  Sadly it's been lost in the shuffle. The pundits and "press" and 'we the people'  should have been raising such a hue and cry over this one that it should have shaken the very foundation and rafters of the US Supreme Court Building and brought it tumbling down on the justices heads!

3. Furthermore I hear this one today...
Kerry the quisling signs UN Arms treaty

I have so many problems with this one I don't even know where to start. but let me enumerate one or two.
Are we, or are we NOT a sovereign nation.  Because if we are...what the hell are we doing signing a treaty that would enforce regulation imposed upon us from outside, by countries that at best, don't like us much and at worst..hate us passionately and would see us destroyed?

2. This travesty has to be ratified by 2/3's of the senate.  The full senate I believe which means 2/3's of all 100 sitting senators. Which means 67 senators. Which means that... of the 46 republicans in the senate 13 would have to spit on the constitution and wipe their asses with it. Which is what they'd be doing. Yeah yeah most of DC has been doing that for decades I know but this one is beyond the pale. Which means for my's not THAT likely.  I hope I'm right on that bet..I really do.

So if it ain't likely to be ratified then, what are the odds that Obama is going this route to distract us from the budget fight[what fucking budget...they haven't bothered to pass a budget in 5 goddamn years!] and Obamacare and various other scandals and end runs around the constitution. All perpetrated upon us by this administration and it's minions in the congress?

I'm providing the link to the text of the treaty from the UN website itself in PDF form
UN Arms Treaty

If that link doesn't work...try this one

The long and the short of it is, it would allow a national registry. If I'm reading what I'm seeing in the text on a skim through, it requires it.  Remember,  registry is the first step towards confiscation.

2b. So if it doesn't get past the senate, what are the odds  he will still try and implement it section by section via fiat, by executive order?  As he's shown in recent years he really doesn't care what we think,  neither does most of congress.

Honestly?  I said before, I believe I have an inkling of whats coming. Again..I don't like it one goddamn bit.

So again, I'll posit the question...Are we any longer worthy of the legacy our founding fathers left us?
Honestly?  To my mind, as it regards most people in DC, and in the state houses and city councils all over this nation?  The answer is, with a few exceptions, not even fucking close.

As it regards We the People?     Court is still in session but the gavel  will be coming down soon and we are our own jury.  .

So think deep and long my fellow jurists and choose wisely.

Remember, TANSTAAFL and...

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

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  1. Some are worthy..some are not..the problem is the society that is perpetuating it.

    Gimme gimme gimme.

    Next..they Pro CHOICE Wendie's will be shouting...
    CHOICE ...whilst overlooking LIFE.


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