Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Filibuster of yet another CR.

Senator Ted Cruz has been speaking more or less continually since about 130pm my time[central] yesterday. The vitriol I've seen displayed, the snide comments I've seen about it, are disheartening.

The media quite frankly I expect it from. they are owned lock stock and both smoking barrels, complicit and willingly in league with the democrat party. Hence why some time ago I renamed them the Progressive Propaganda Ministry.
Here's Brit Hume's take
"Utterly Meaningless"

Time making light of him for |
Green eggs and Ham, Ashton Kutcher and White Castle

Now I missed the first two of those things...but...I happen to LIKE the story green eggs and ham still to this day.  So bite me.    As for White Castle...he was pointing to the stated fact, stated BY White Castle,  that White Castle was cutting back on their store openings,because under ACA they could no longer AFFORD to build those stores and more importantly HIRE the staff to man/run them!  

From the Daily Caller. ObamaCare can be defunded IF
A Meteor hits Joe Biden
The Atlantic
  Why his last stand against Obamacare doesn't make sense

What and Sen Thrumonds 1957 stand against the Civil Rights Act of 1957  did? 

 Or Sen Huey Long in the 30's?  People are making fun of Cruz and making snide comments for his reading of Green Eggs and Ham. Well what about Longs readings of things like "pot likkin" recipes or quoting of Shakespeare?

Now for a few on  personal accounts of people on twitter...

is simply an ignorant bought & paid for puppet. Anyone who doesn't see that is a shameful idiot.....
I bet money that Senator Ted Cruz watched The West Wing's second season filibuster episode because I just watched it last week.

Ted Cruz looks down at his notes. "What else, what else..." He launches into more Obamacare material. It's the worst open mic in history

Okay let me stop right here to respond to that last one. What?  And Obama never doing anything except by teleprompter is any better?


God there are so many tweets it's hard to get em all. That being said... Let me finish this as I listen to Ted Cruz finish out his last 30 mins, unless the majority gives him consent to continue, which I seriously doubt.;  that Filibusters be they "true" filibusters that happen on the day of a major or minor bill vote or pre or post cloture votes...don't happen often. They are the last resort in this day and age of instant communcations to TRY and educate, elucidate and illumate people on just what it is these bills are about.   To try and change minds if possible.  Now again in this day and age when the divisions of ideals are so wide, so set in stone this isn't likely...but it is possible.   

To....demean this process, these filibusters be they a "true" filibuster during the time the congress is supposed to be voting on  a bill or pre or post cloture floor time to spit upon the people, to spit upon the memories of those who have gone before these politicians, those that filibustered themselves in the past. Whether I agree with the reasons behind those filibusters or demean THIS filibuster and Senator Ted Cruz, the man currently in control of the floor.  It spits upon the memories and accomplishments of the founders of our country and those that came after, and those among the rest of us that weren't in DC; WE THE PEOPLE.

When WE The People abrogate our responsibilities and yield up the power to the government as has been happening for decades...we demean the memories of our fore fathers.   I haven't bothered to even try and discuss this with anyone because in once case it's by and large preaching to the choir and on the other?  The other is childish folk sticking their fingers in their ears and humming REAL loud.

I believe I inkling what our future holds. Immediate and slightly farther out. I don't like it. I don't like it one damn bit.

And it's over. Sen Cruz is finished as per senate rules. personally I think it was petty for Reid to NOT allow Sen Cruz to proceed until he dropped.  Now they are invoking a prayer. A prayer that for my money I believe falls upon deaf ears. I believe a great many of those on the hill worship one thing..POWER.

Now Reid is insulting and spitting upon Sen Cruz, the american people and the memories of our forefathers, by calling Sen Cruz filibuster a waste of time.  weep for the future.

Remember  TANSTAAFL and...

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

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