Sunday, January 6, 2013

Okay just because I feel the need...

to make myself aggravated discussing this AGAIN.  Guns are not the problem...they are a tool.
Lets for shits and giggles look at Illinois and Texas.
Illinois 2011
Number of murders? 731. Total population? 12.8 million and change
435 of those murders happened in Chicago. With some of the strictest rules on the effect a ban on private ownership on weapons.

Texas 2011.
Number of murders 1126,  Population? 25.6 million and change
 to break Texas down into some of it's component molecules..
Houston..198 murders.
San Antonio. 88.
Austin 27 [daaayyyyyuummmm!]
Dallas Fort Worth Metro plex. 98.  [50 in Dallas, 48 in Ft Worth.]

So...lets really break this down in two ways.
1st.  Despite a population of less than half  of Texas, Illinois managed to have a murder rate that is 65% the size of the murder rate in Texas. 
2nd or to put it another way...despite having a population of more than twice the size of Illinois, Texas murder rate was only 35% higher than Illinois.

Hell the entire STATE of Utah with a population of  2,.8 million and change only managed 54 murders in 2011.  which is only 110,000 more than the population of Chicago in 2011 at 2,.7 milloin and change.   So...with a population of a 110,000 LESS people than the State of Utah, The city of Chicago managed a murder rate that  is 8 TIMES higher than the entire STATE of Utah.   Or to put it another way...The murder rate of of Utah is only  12% of the murder rate in Chicago.  *jaw drop*

The mind boggles.  

Remember TANSTAAFL and...
I now return you to your regularly scheduled insanity and inanity.


  1. Just for the hell of it... In 2010

    In Hawaii, 14% of murders were committed with a rifle, and 86% were committed with hands, fists, feet, or knives. However, Hawaii had only seven murders all year, one of which was committed by a firearm, a rifle. This low number of total murders means that a few murders can skew the statistics for the state.

    And while I know how tough the gun laws are, there are a LOT of guns there. I started my collection there. Tons of shooters/hunters with many multiples of guns (like my bestest friend, 30-40 handguns and 27 long arms. Not an atypical collection. Well used too, he is a Master Class IPSC competitor, builds comp guns as a hobby... Oh, yeah, he's a public school teacher to!).

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