Friday, January 25, 2013

A statement from Dianne Feinstein..

"Put simply, we cannot allow the rights of a few to override the safety of all. That is not the America that our founding fathers envisioned. And that is not the America I want my children and grandchildren to live in."

Dianne Feinstein, Congressional Record for 1/24/2013 page S291

My response?

Note to Whinestine and her friends..

Wow. Really? Why you lying, despotic, pernicious harridan! The Rights enumerated in the Constitution are not GRANTED by the Constitution , they are PROTECTED by the Constitution. Oh and they aren't the Rights of a FEW, you imbecilic goat faced harpy! They are the Rights of EVERY American to exercise, or not as they see fit!
They are not for the likes of you, you hair covered, puss filled boil on a gorillas backside, to infringe, encroach, contravene or otherwise place limits upon; you odiferous, gaseous excretion from a cows anal sphincter. Be gone you spawn of the unclean coupling of a camel and a disease ridden whore who would dally with whatever beast crossed her path. Go back to the refuse pit you were birthed in. Leave us and plague us with your foul mouthings no more.


  1. Wow!
    I hope you feel better now!
    Was a piece of woprk though, that diatribe.



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