Thursday, January 17, 2013

I HATE media hypocrites!

 How many of you heard of the Journal News up in New York doing a story on the Gun Owners in 2 counties and putting up an interactive map with the addresses of all those permit holders?

Now in a move that was highly hypocritical, after some bloggers retaliated and provided a complete list of every reporter, editor etc who works at the paper. a list of THEIR names and addresses.

Those chickenshits went out and hired ARMED security.
hypocritical shitbags

A home that was on that interactive map provided by the JN was broken into last week. No guns were stolen.


This second house was just burgled and they did get the guns...AND their permits.

There needs to be A lawsuit filed, with an immediate cease and desist order...although the damage has already been done now.  The criminals probably have a written list of all those homes now.  Sue the Journal News, it's employees, and it's corporate office...the company that owns the JN, for every fucking dime they've got. 

If any harm is done with those guns then frankly...the Journal News is culpable. 

I'd suggest stringing every one of those yellow bastards and bitches that works there from the nearest light poles as an object lesson.


  1. Trash is trash.
    They think they EDUCATE our young.
    They think they Regulate for smoother running.
    They think they ...
    It's the story of the ARK..according to today.

    it might be old..but true.

    Fuck them all

  2. Leaper...not even with your dick my friend. :P

  3. Replies
    1. and it's cheap AND reusable. Granted so is your brass so long as you police it.


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