Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Now THERE is a hell of a thought

In the middle of a discussion on a friends facebook page..I got pissed. No surprise there since your curly wolf is always on low boil.  We were discussing  history and religion.  One of my friends made a statement that I read [admittedly hastily] to suggest that I was among the unwashed masses of idiots who get their info from the idiot box[the TV] instead of actually having READ a great deal of history. I am most DEFINITELY not the latter so I took immediate umbrage.  I did manage to stomp on that immediate outburst of aggravation in my reply to my friend. 

I've made no secret about, have even bragged about, having studied more history in a short span of years about the time I hit my majority...than most people will read or understand in their entire lives.
Admittedly I was bragging a bit...but it is a true statement. I have read more history than your average person now a days...especially those that are younger than me.  I've also forgotten most of it for a reason. The reason being that even I could see those many moons ago, that we were at a crossroads...had in fact probably already chosen that fork and the fork we chose would only end in disaster, one way or another.  The history I'd read told me that. It depressed the ever loving hell out of me. I didn't want to think about it...didn't want to see it.

It is said that history is cyclical.  But why?  It hit me in the midst of that discussion. Human Nature.  When put together  in  large groups, largely uneducated and either taught not to, or unable to think critically [which I SWEAR, loudly and profanely, describes the generations behind me...especially the current youngest]  we are capable of  massive stupidity that is truly terrifying to behold.  Witness the latest election. Witness the last several election. Hell! Witness the last 20-50 YEARS and more. the Internment camps for  Japanese in America during WW2, and The New Deal just to name two specifics.  The creation of Social Security and it's expansion. The latter of which began the gradual destruction of the concept of planning for your future. Here...just give it to the government! Big Government will take care of this money for you and then we'll parse it out to you on a month to month basis when you become an old person and retire.    Does anyone that works for a living, and likes to truly make their own decisions and run their own lives and deal with any consequences, unintended or other wise, REALLY think this is a good idea?

Shit...just lost my train of thought. If it gets back on the rail and comes back I'll continue this.

Remember..TANSTAAFL and..
I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity


  1. We have been failing to learn (from) our history for quite some time now, sad to say. This (historically speaking) has never worked out very well in the long run.

  2. Groupthink is a bad thing. Too much echo chamber and you get WA DC and our idiot 'leaders', proclaiming that they know what is good and right for everyone. In spite of evidence to the contrary.

    By the way, I had 16 people 'unfriend' me on FB yesterday. I must be doing something right to piss off such great anonymous friends (FBers I've never met... Oooooh, I'm so fkn crushed!).

  3. Wolf..
    You gave me a synthesis that resulted in an ephiphany.
    I think the middle east...
    The Democratic process will only bring more suffering.
    Enlightened dictat..
    Not EVERY middle eastern country is lucky enough to have someon arise like in turkey.
    you opened my eyes.

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9_ffeAQZkM&NR=1&feature=endscreen




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