Saturday, January 26, 2013

Need your pain meds refilled? Nope, sorry.

Now while the FDA hasn't adopted what I'm about to explain to you...they probably will. Their what...30  person advisory council voted 19-10 FOR.

What did they vote for?  Perpend..
"The panel voted 19-10 in favor of the recommendation, which the FDA will likely follow. The recommendation would limit access to the drugs by making them harder to prescribe.
The recommendation would subject Vicodin and dozens of other medicines to the same restrictions as other narcotic drugs, such as oxycodone and morphine. Indeed, hydrocodone belongs to a family of drugs known as opioids, which include morphine, heroin, oxycodone, codeine and methadone.
The change would have sweeping consequences for doctors, pharmacists and patients. Under the proposed rules, refills without a new prescription would be forbidden, as would faxed prescriptions and those called in by phone"

So...lets take a look at this shall we?  In order  "to stem the scourge of prescription-drug abuse in the United States"  They are going to make it so, instead of calling into your doctors office for a prescription that they've almost certainly given you in the past for a condition that's probably chronic or intermittently will as per this law
1. Call your doctors office and ask to speak your doctor going to have to step away from a patient consult IN the office, to talk to you.  You can then tell  him what is wrong and he will either say make an appointment or come on in, I'll leave you a prescription at the front desk.  

Now...if it's the former hypothetical in choice number now have to make an appointment, which depending on the time of day  you call is probably  not going to be until sometime the following day. You have to wait that minimum of 16-24hrs, drive the 20 minutes minimum [for most people are a minimum of that from their GP's office I have a lead foot , little regard for most of my fellow man, and a toll road nearby as a short cut so I can generally do the run to mine in about 12-15 minutes]  to your doctors office, wait probably half an hour or more to get in to see the doctor, 5 minutes getting weighed and shown to the exam room. 5 having your blood pressure taken and telling the nurse what the problem is, another 8 minutes minimum waiting time in the exam room  before the doctor finishes with the previous patient, 10-15 minutes for the consult, 4 minutes while he writes you a script annotates your file and hands you the prescription and the bill. 5 minutes minimum to pay for your visit, then you get to walk back out to your all the way back over towards your house to go to your regular pharmacy...which is almost invariably less than 5 minutes drive time from your front door.  Anywhere between 2-10 minutes to give the pharmacist your new script. Another 15 minutes minimum while the pharmacist fills the script, a wait that varies anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on how many people are in line in front of you to pick up and pay for scripts.  Then you have the drive home, get in the door and you can FINALLY take the fucking pill you SHOULD have had access to YESTERDAY! or assuming the low end of the variable numbers I mentioned 18 fucking hours! Meanwhile you are in agonizing pain.

Now if you've got a good doctor and you're not one of the deceitful asshats that the government is so afraid of... 20 minutes to the office, 5 to get the script, 20 to drive back near your house to your pharmacy and the rest of those afformentioned numbers for a total of 80 minutes or an hour and 20. Me..So long as I'm not so doubled over with agonizing pain...I can live with that over the first one.

Now for the PHARMACIES...oh my..
"pharmacists and distributors would be required to store the drugs in special vaults"

Yes the ever popular "special" vaults, safes etc. Yep can't be just any old safe I'll bet, but one that has to be APPROVED of by the government for the purpose. which the thieves if they're of a mind can just carry out, load in a truck and haul it off where they can crack it at their leisure.  *headdesk*

We won't even get into how this is going to affect the elderly and the home bound/bed ridden folks because that should be self evident. Even if you're a "the government can do no wrong", "it's for the children" imbecilic half wit. 
*picture a smiling male game show host and his equally smiley announcer*
"Well lets see what the elderly and terminally ill bedridden set and their families get John!"

"Well Charles, for the Old folks and the terminally ill we have the doctors who will cover their ass and refuse to fill scripts and the old folks can scream in agony for days before being seen, or dying!  Yes and you the impotent family members get to watch!  Oh Yes Charles this is truly a trifecta of agony, impotence and incoherent rage for our lucky winners!  It sucks to be you...thanks for playing"

By the way...they already have restrictions on Oxycontin...guess what?  It didn't stem the tide of abuse.

"At a two-day hearing at FDA headquarters in Silver Spring, Md., many speakers opposed the change, including advocates for nursing-home patients, who said older, frail residents needing pain medication would now be required to make the arduous trip to a doctor’s office to continue using hydrocodone products. Other experts questioned how effective the change would be. Oxycodone, another much-abused painkiller and the active ingredient in OxyContin, has been in the more restrictive category since it came on the market, but the limited access does not seem to have stemmed abuse, they said."

Welcome to everyone's favorite game. Where faceless, brainless incompetent, bureaucratic, quivering piles of fecal matter, get to decide what's best for you.   Despite having the inability to find their own asses in the dark, with athe aid of a guide carrying a  million candle power flashlight, and their own hands in their back fucking pockets!

IOW no more calling the doctors office or the pharmacy to have a prescription called in or faxed in, even if it's a the pharmacy.

Here's the link

Remember TANSTAAFL and..
I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

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