Friday, February 1, 2013


Some might suggest I'm unduly harsh in my criticism of our government in general and a number of politicians in particular. Piffle.  I think we should round up the current batch of politicians...load them into a C130 and then drop them, from a couple thousand feet up, into the caldera of an active volcano, as a gift to the Goddess Pele.  

Being that I suspect Pele is going to be less than pleased with the presents I'd suggest firewalling the throttles after the last douchebag leaves the plane.  I expect Pele to be rather...uhmmmm...LOUD in the expression of her discontent.  As in she's going to blow the mountain and the island on which it resides into a very large smouldering cloud of cinder and ash, expression of displeasure.


  1. Tie them all into a bundle...when you get over the volcano firewall the throttles, light off the JATO bottles and nose straight up...that way they all go out at once (like a FAE bomb) and you can make a clean getaway. :D

    1. they won't stay bundled you know...and the Herc would bitch unmercifully about the aerobatics...

    2. They only need to stay bundled long enough to go off the ramp...and the Herc is a tough old bird...

    3. True and True. But you always have to be wary of Murphy in a situation like that....

  2. Maybe you could take it up with your operational line mamager...


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