Friday, February 8, 2013

Ahh the "We're Children" thing again..

 Warning, put down your drinks and swallow your food first before watching this

You ever notice that this is a common misconception among liberals?  That we free citizens are children that need our government to take care of us?  I believe otherwise. We are ADULTS free to live our lives as we see fit. Make our own choices and be RESPONSIBLE for our own actions.  I own up to my fuck ups, and I've made waaay more than a few. How about you?  Help for those in need begins in the home and the community.  Though I will grant you there are people, like my younger sister who will never be able to function in normal society so yeah...she needs the stipend.  By and large though, I believe that many of those on the dole are quite capable of surviving on their own by hard work...they just choose the easy way.

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  1. (second try, I deleted the first due to spelling errors)

    I say, fuck em all. I got no patience any more. Nothing in common with those asswipes called liberals/progressives/tranzi cock sucking scum. IQ of a turnip. I wish I had Toms BRB (Big Red Button), I'd push it so hard, I'd bust my hand. Several times. I'd manage to live with myself afterwards too. No problem. It's what they plan for us. Fair is fair. So, fuck them!


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