Friday, February 8, 2013

Anti 2nd amendment people

I've been reading some of my favorite blogs as usual. Also the CSGV facebook wall as well. It has me wondering... How many of these people on this site have ever FIRED a gun, let alone owned one. In some cases I know that some of these people own guns because they SAY they do. Now, they MIGHT be lying about that but lets give them the benefit of the doubt shall we? For the rest, I highly doubt it. They only know what they've been taught and told, by other people with equally closed minds.

Then there's this guy...

Yes yes he ADMITS he and those like him want us to give up our guns so we can then live in a Violence Free Utopia because you know...violence is all the fault of those nasty evil inanimate objects known as guns. It has nothing to do with criminals who don't give a damn about the law, penalties for committing crimes that are laughable because prosecuters cut deals that let stone cold killers out on the street after serving as little time as possible so long as they behave in prison..  Nothing to do with the mentally disturbed such as well...everyone who has committed a mass shooting in the last 20yrs or so.  Nope it's all the fault of that evil black inanimate object. Now that's a hell of a racist way to think.

NEWSFLASH Life is Violent! The very act of birth itself is a violent, bloody act. We commit violence every day of our lives or because of services we use allow other people to do it for us so we can live the way we want.  Cutting down trees for paper. For wood for building materials. Building well...anything. All that hammering, sawing, drilling, screwing etc.  It's called SURVIVAL.  Cows eat grasses to survive...we slaughter and eat the cattle. Where the fuck do you think all those steaks, burgers, beef fajitas, cube steaks, beef stews, and roasts, etc... we eat come from?  Chicken? Where the fuck do you think your fried chicken comes from. The chickens have to be raised up and slaughtered for our dinner table. The eggs you use or can use to cook just about anything. Eggs in the meatloaf to bind it. Eggs in cookies and cakes and doughnuts and...damn I'm making myself hungry and I just frelling ate! You like rack of lamb?  You think the lamb just woke up one day and said..."oh I don't need that Spine or my ribs today."?  REally? you did think that?  Damn you're dumb.

Wait. what's that?  You think being a vegetarian makes you better in the slaughter count? Bitch are killing and eating living plants! Just because they may not move around and have "brains" doesn't mean they aren't alive.  Don't go all holier than thou on me, it doesn't float.  Everything on this rock consumes something else to survive.   You telling me that's not violence?  Grow the fuck up.

Remember TANSTAAFL and....
I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity

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