Friday, February 8, 2013

Ahh another hollywood elite with foot in mouth..

Ya gotta love this crap.

then of course you go to her twitter wall and you get gems like this one..
"Because I believe in socialism and her fight for the ppl, all 99% of them, is fierce.She is a warrior against injustice."


Or this one from the end of november.
"I feel like a twit chat tonite...but I have absolutely nothing to say"


Or this gem from superbowl sunday..
"I think I'll focus more on the least they don't require math."

" Post game thought...% of black players on field? I'd guess at least 70%. % of black people in the commercials...umm...way less than 1%"

Uhhhmmmm Ellen?  You DO realize that blacks only comprise 14% of the population right? Where as European whites still comprise 60% of the US population?  THAT is why you blithering idiot.

The stupidity is...stunning is it not?

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  1. Holy shit!...
    That a LOT to parse..especially in that format.

    as an email is leaperman621......
    you know the domain..send me an dingleberry.


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