Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gen Norman Schwarzkopf

It is with sadness and regret.  that I tell you that we have lost General Norman Schwarzkopf today at the age of 78 in Tampa, Florida.  General Schwarzkopf was the commander of the coalition forces that successfully prosecuted the First Gulf War to drive Iraq out of Kuwait, in 1991.

He will be missed by all, by the soldiers he commanded, by the citizens like me who respected him for his service, but by none more so than his family.  Keep them in your thoughts and prayers this day. 

Goodbye have the thanks and blessings of a still greatful nation.


  1. A real human being. So sad. Rest in peace mr. in peace.

  2. They commissioned a new ship as the Coronado. I served on that ship for two tours. I am proud to have served...and to have that proud name continue on. I am Proud that Schwarzkopf was there...and served proudly and with distinction.
    They need to name a ship after my opinion.


  3. The next LCS ship should be named the BEAR! in honour of him.


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