Monday, December 3, 2012

A very cogent observation..

In a discussion upon one of the forums I belong too., one of the replies has to do with "compromise" in politics.  No as a matter of fact, in politics the liberal definition of compromise has absolutely nothing to do with the real definition of compromise.   See Republicans have been "compromising" for so long they don't recognize the actual definition either. What compromise means is that the two sides meet, a proposal or two is made and they meet somewhere in the middle. 

A friend on the forum said "uh uh" and put it this way ...The liberal idea of "compromise" is to take a position so extreme it's ridiculous, they then haggle back and forth for a while with republicans and then agree to a compromise, that is in fact, what they wanted all along.

Or to put it in my own colorful vernacular...and yes I'm quoting myself. "Focus!  The liberal idea of compromise is to take an extremely insane position that no one in their right mind would agree to. They then wait for the IDIOTS in the Republican party to "offer" a compromise and then after a little bit of dickering back and forth graciously *snort* agree to the compromise. Meanwhile the Repubs say they kept the Liberals to only taking an inch when in fact they just GAVE the liberals a mile and a fucking half! "  That boys and girls to put it even more succinctly is NOT compromising...THAT is  voluntarily bending over and taking it up the ass without lube!   Which is why my invariable reply to a liberal who suggests a "reasonable" compromise in the last couple years is "do the letters, F.O. mean anything to you?"

The Republitwits have "compromised" so much in the last couple of decades, they don't even recognize their core values anymore or know how to live by them, let alone uphold them.

Remember TANSTAAFL and..
I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.


  1. I think it's the air in state capitals and washington.
    They are inhalin' sumptin'


  2. DO I have your permission to send this as a letter to the editor for my local paper?
    of course I will say who wrote it.


  3. what comment did you remove? is really curious.
    It isn't something like, @You don't know if you are shot, fucked, powder burned or snake bit.@
    Can't you just take out that you made a comment and took it out?
    just askin'.

    1. nahhh...if you deleted it stays in the record as deleted by author. as to what it was...if I told you I'd have to kill you. It's Super Duper Vermillion Level Top Secret. ;P

  4. that above SIOP ESI or just OOOPS!?
    Admit it:) Was an OOPS!
    and wolf...stay outta my whiskey! I swear, damn irish!:)

  5. Vermillion my ass..
    sounds blue to me:)...
    maybe it's the blood loss:)

  6. A fellow chatter on mymotherlode posted this.

    Now, now Crockett, a friend of mine just pointed out to me, it is time for the Republicans and Libertarians, such as myself, to admit defeat and give a hats off to the Dems. And all Republicans should give their elephant a big hug and a big kiss.....and in the spirit of good sport, we should send a heartfelt wish to all democrats to go kiss their......mascot.

    I had to bust a gut.



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