Sunday, December 16, 2012

Frelling Cool!

Ladies and gents?  Ever heard of the group of hackers that call themselves Anonymous?  They just basically declared war on the Westboro Baptist Church because of the WBC's  announcement that all those kids were killed by god as punishment or some shit.  *headdesk, headdesk, headdesk*

This was posted by Anonymous today...

Honestly?  I don't agree with a lot of Anonymous in the past. In this one though I wish them well.   WBC is a boil on the body of humanity that has been in need of lancing, for years.

So to  Westboro I say...Burn Baby Burn.  To Anonymous I say...I wish you well in this and success in the WBC's destruction.

Remember TANSTAAFL and...

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

1 comment:

  1. If those that's to MILD....
    Animals, showed up at a my little child's funeral I think there would be jury trial...and I would be aquitted on Justifiable homicide.
    I would kill them.
    Just my take.


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