Saturday, November 24, 2012

Why? Some of you may ask

Do I have such contempt for such a large cross section of humanity?  Why so little of the milk of human kindness flows through me for them?

Stories like THIS are why!

I was just surfing the web and scrolling through my FB wall when I found that story. Now I'm so pissed I can't sleep.  My mind filled with very dark thoughts of what I'd like to do, to someone who could do what they've done to a child.  Now in all fairness the mother may, I say may, be under the dominance of the boyfriend...but I have  my doubts. Another article I found suggests that according to the hospital staff there's wounds that would suggest this has been going on for quite some time.  I can't get the damn page where the article is, to load all the sudden. PITA.

I'm now going to end this brief entry, shut the computer down and try and relax so I can sleep. I have entirely too much shit to do later in the morning to be up all night.

Remember TANSTAAFL and....
I now return you to your regularly scheduled...ahh fuck it. I leave you to clean up the puke from your floor after reading this story.


  1. I know the one. The one where the crazy subhuman got off on basically strangling her daughter and partied...
    and now is legally beyond retrial?

    Sometimes I think the Law fails...and sometimes someone needs to just take a sniper rifle and fix it.
    How the hell could the defense KNOW this..and point it out? Ask someone like Kratman. It's a SICKENING profession.


    1. and 45000 MORE lawyers graduate every year.

  2. It's like when I was in the navy and heard ignorant blacks, and wannabees say, @it's because he's BLACK:
    OJ is's that fucking simple you damn retards.
    and this woman? She should be slowly strangled..and brought back..over and over.
    Then pieces cut off her.
    Let it heal..then cut another piece.
    Make it public.


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