Tuesday, November 6, 2012

4 more years....Welcome To My Nightmare.

4 more years of no budgets passed and continuing spending resolutions.
4 more years of Obama care coming to full fruition.
4 More years of a President who hates the country he's in charge of.
4 more years...................

Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap.

Congratulations America. You DO realize what you just voted for right?
You just voted for the financial collapse of what was once the Greatest most prosperous nation on earth. Think about this.47% of the population are on government assistance and don't pay taxes. 53% of Americans pay ALL the taxes to PAY for that 47% 's.......
cell phones
child support to continue having welfare babies out of wedlock with a different daddy every time so that mommy can get MORE money out of the system.
Groceries in the form of food stamp program..........
I could go on but some of you know the list even better than me.

4 more years of Obama and I suspect the number of Taxpayer vs Dolist[those on the public dole, government assistance] will be 50-50.  We might even get to the point where the Dolists outnumber the Taxpayers within 3-4 years. after all why get a job when you can just go on the dole and get uncle obammy to pay your bills and take care of you from cradle to grave? At that point the whole system collapses and welcome to a depression, that's going to make The Great Depression  look like a fucking sunday afternoon picnic in the park! 

That's one thing America just voted for...the other thing...which is part and parcel of the 1st...is welcome to 3rd World status.

The have nots have voted for a bigger federal government.  The federal government TAKES from those who work, who are called "PRODUCERS"  The federal government who then turns around and GIVES that money to the have nots.  The have nots have just royally corncobbed us and without lube I might add.

Oh and since I put it in the title...I give you this piece I wrote a long time ago..reposted in full..I wish you joy of it....

Welcome To My Nightmare...
I first posted this little speech on 1/23/07..almost 6yrs ago to the day. I'm a little early for the 6th anniversary. : But seeing as how Obama just got re elected...what the hell. *shrug*

This part is from a novel written by William Johnstone. I find it apt and accurate and have for years and years.  I believe the man saw this coming a couple decades ago. I believe He wrote many novels trying to warn us of what he saw coming.  Some of us saw the warning and tried to get others to listen...they didn't.

"I am living in a nightmare, whence I cannot awaken. Welcome to my nightmare"
This is the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Whisper the truth in this brave, free land, and they call you a bigot. Suggest the obvious and you are a fascist. Welcome to my nightmare.
We give cash money, free medical services, food stamps, free housing, and utility subsidies to the poorest class of society, as a payment for producing welfare babies, usually illegitimate. Those who pay the taxes for these services-the workers-must first pay their taxes and then pay retail prices for goods and services. Welcome to my nightmare.
Everyone can do everything as well as anyone else, whether they can or not. If the test results prove otherwise, change the tests. We no longer value equality of opportunity, but rather equality of result. Equality of opportunity means that some will fail; therefore, boost up all those who might fail, even though now no one may succeed. We must now discriminate in favor of minority children and grandchildren ,in the name of justice. Welcome to my nightmare.
Lawyers and judges control every facet of our lives, public and private. No one is safe from a lawsuit, no matter how ridiculous. Policemen cannot arrest, teachers cannot teach, bureaucrats cannot administer without fear that they soon will answer to someone's lawyer, for some half-forgotten mistake. So, in many cases, they do nothing at all. Welcome to my nightmare,
You may speak these words privately, because everyone knows they are true. You may not speak them publicly, because then you are intolerant; you despise the poor; and you smile upon oppression. We adore freedom of speech, but do not dare use it. Use it, and we will punish you. Welcome to my nightmare."

I once said that if we kept putting the same assholes in power we were going to lose our freedoms. Well we just did it again. We won't lose them with a bang but with a whimper, and this land of freedom will be free no more. Too quote a line from  Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith."So this is how liberty dies...with thunderous applause.".Just a thought to ponder..back during the cold war America was accused of infecting Russians with our capitalist bourjois...lies. They are trying to emulate us and have our economy. The politicians,  more specifically the Liberals in particular and Dems in general are fast trying to head us down the road toward socialism and communism.

The roman empire failed to keep the masses happy even when it became a land of entertainments and colusiums. We now have our own version of that in our concert venues and sports arenas. The mob is hungry and restless. I think the America as we know is about to come to an end. [edit 11/6/12...correction..I think we just guaranteed it is.] There's a new modern Messiah thats taken the highest office..to gainsay anything he says is racist, to call the religion of global warming the crock of shit it is and your called ignorant and intolerant to new ideas. I've got a bad feeling we're seeing and HAVE been seeing and not recognizing it; the fall of our own empire.

New material March 21st 2009
Welcome to the nightmare..everytime I turn around Obama and his followers and democraps in congress keep coming up with more and more resolutions to chip away at the the constitution and trying to curtail our freedoms. The latest one HR1388 which creates a paid volunteer force starting with kids is frightening as hell. I wonder how much our new messiah studied old tapes of people like JFK..the man he's being compared to and is hailed as our generation's rebirth of. I personally think the 'messiah' and Hitler, Stalin and a few other past dictators and potentates I could name, would have gotten along like gangbusters.

NewEST material..11/6/2012.
I told you people to remember these 9 little letters and try and drum them through the thick skulls of the stupid. TANSTAAFL. There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. I got it from Robert Heinlein...he got it from Thermodynamics...it's the second law of Thermodynamics.   Guess what..THEY[the stupid, the sheep, those enamored of The one..]  in the coming years are going to learn that lesson the hard way. Reap what they've sown....and the rest of us are going to pay with them. We, they, our children, our grandchildren, our great grandchildren...hell our GREAT GREAT Grandchildren...are going to be paying for the folly of the Dolists and the Disingenous Liberals who bought the lies of the marxists and communists in the last 50years hook line and sinker. Batten down the hatches, stock up, learn a trade or two if you've a mind but do it quick....because you're going to need the skill sets to survive what's coming.

As always remember TANSTAAFL,..
Keep your powder dry  and I now return you to enjoy the world as you can...before it implodes.


  1. Ammo, food and humker down. We going for a ride!

  2. I've got a list..and am checking it twice. Thank God I know how to grow food!
    I figure by February we shall be well and truly fucked.


  3. Wolf.
    Reply to this.


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  5. Wolf? Who the FUCK made the damn capchas?
    They should be made to eye a piston in the eye..then shot.

    1. I know..I've been having problems with them lately too. I shouldn't have to cycle through 3-4 of them just to fucking find one I can READ!

  6. Wolf...

    I have found doing GOOD in my county..my state..an uphill battle.
    Telling the sheriff's...that a light is green on both sides..that people are going to DIE...
    and then it's...
    WHO ARE YOU....etc...
    it's like reporting a dead animal..
    they don't do anything..and if you do...then you are a guilty motherfucker.
    What the hell happened to our nation?
    Please GOD...
    Let there still be those of goodwill.

    1. Honestly...I haven't got much of it left. I once years ago, got involved in a discussion with a bunch of folks involving somethng Tom Kratman once said. The discussion was one Tom had started with a statement on a heavily liberal forum...just to start a flame war and watch it burn. [*grin* oh my THAT one was fun!]
      It was a question. If someone gave you a button, and told you if you pushed it, it would instantaneously kill every single terrorist in the world...would you push it? We called it "The Button Discussion" A few others went further. If you were given a button that would pretty well depopulate the planet would you push it?

  7. Wolf..you better let me in your house if it all goes to shit..or you into mine.

    1. I live in the burbs...you're assuming the dolist animals will leave it standing and me alive.

  8. Damn wolf..then come up my way. I know it's california, but has a nice place to hang:)
    All the amenities.
    A nice boy scout camp. Beer is pupu though:)

  9. I am REALLY starting to hate wordpress. Who the Fuck owns it?

  10. I have to read the @Tutorialad@
    Here boy!
    you are fucking CRUEL!


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