Sunday, November 11, 2012

Seceding from the Union?

In the last 48hours or so there have been 15 petitions from individuals from 15 different states,  to allow those states to Secede from the Union.   Well that's great folks but understand this...THAT is just blowing off steam, so I won't sign. If you're SERIOUS,  start a petition WITHIN the State, and get it signed by banging on doors, or you can do an electronic one and pass around the link to it via facebook, twitter, various blogs etc..   You have to petition the STATE Legislature to vote to pass Articles of Secession and get it signed by the Governor, which is THEN passed onto the feds announcing the right and intention of the state and it's citizens to secede from the union.   If that is not done...then all you're doing is talking to hear yourself talk.

That being said..yeah if one is started here in the Great State of Texas to Secede from the Union and become an independent Republic again? Hell yeah the Wolf will sign it. 

Understand something though...if Texas and other states go this route it's going to get UGLY.   The Federal Government is NOT going to give up power, control and access to the money our taxes provide, so easily.  Neither are the people who on welfare. We the people of those states are going to have to figure out what to do about people like my younger sister, who due to her mental illnesses can't hold down a job...hell she can't function in society for more than a few hours and that's generally only if one of the family members is with her. So we need to figure out how to best help people like my sister and my family in that regard.  We also need to get the people who are just popping out babies for the free monies off the damn dole.  Soo many issues to deal with folks. 

Just remember...if many of the states secede from the union in the name of freedom?  Just like some of those posters and image memes you'll see floating around facebook and elsewhere today say.."freedom ain't free" and there WILL be a cost involved. Whether that means just financial hardship or open civil war because the FEDS don't want to let those states would be a hard row to hoe. So make sure you understand that fully.

Edit 850pm 11/11/2012: meant to post this earlier in the day but there's a petition to put secession before the state legislature.

Oh and the wolf is a canine of his word...I signed it.

As always remember TANSTAAFL,..
Keep your powder dry  and I now return you to enjoy the world as you can...before it implodes.


  1. Secession isn't going to happen. Which is unfortunate. I'd be willing to fight for it.

    1. It might...there's a petition to put it before the state legislature....if enough people sign the petition....and if it gets passed...

  2. Has been reading from your reading list. Tom Kratman is a good writer. I like john ringo for humour though. I think Tom has a piece of rebar stuck up his ass; but it still doesn't take the truth away from what he says.
    Fuck the COSMOS. Fuck em hard.


    1. you read State of Disobedience yet?

    2. um..I had that on order..but his blog said..he really didn't LIKE it..and it was sub-par.
      so I cancelled my order.
      was I wrong?
      leaperman621 at yahoo dot com

  3. The US is heading toward a collapse. No one in position of authority seems to understand that or be willing to do anything to prevent it. To avoid "going down with the ship" it would only be prudent for Texas to cut free.

    1. Hell, you know I agree with you..but I also agree with Joe. Win, lose or draw...there's going to be enough bloodshed over all this to turn the seas red.

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