Friday, November 16, 2012

Gun Control Doesn't Work.

Why? Because all it does is make more helpless victims for the criminal class and for those that refuse to abide by it because they'd rather be freemen...makes criminals of law abiding citizens.

Case in point..London 8 days ago..

A group of axe and baseball bat wielding thugs drove into a local shopping mall, up the steps to the second floor and they then proceeded to smash cases at a jewelry store and rob the store blind. What did everyone do? Well...the citizens of the city ran like rabbits, because THAT is what their government has trained them to be...timid little rabbits that run at the first sign of trouble..seeing as they have no weapons to defend themselves with and no ethos of being freemen and defending their fellow man anymore it seems.  What did the the rest of the SHOP owners do? They pulled down their gates and quaked in terror til after it was over.. AGAIN, like the timid little rabbits their government and society has trained them to be.  We free men, We citizens, We gun owners keep saying the sentence I opened this post with, over, and over, and over, and over again. Trying to beat it through thick skulls that you can either be free men or you can be slaves.  You can be wolves, you can be sheepdogs or you can be sheep led to the slaughter.  

The above link doesn't just make me makes me very, very it's the direction we here in America seem to be heading.  We've got our wolves in the criminal class, we've got the rabbits that constitute a good portion of our society...they tend to be liberals and be terrified of guns or irrationally hate guns for no reason whatsoever. And we have the sheepdogs. Citizens who would rather fight, to drive back the wolves...rather than cower in terror.  But the Wolves and the Sheep are in control because the SHEEP put the WOLVES there.   Out of fear, out of anger, out of sheer sheepish herd behavior stupidity.  It is as the sheepdogs of the world and of the U.S keep trying to tell you..we're willing to defend you sheep...if  you sheep will just stop trying to pull our fangs, neuter us, chain and cage us for our willingness to fight and be free.

Remember TANSTAAFL and..
I now return you to enjoy the world as you can before it implodes.


  1. Wolf. I don't know what's better; the Sharpe's series of the hornblower.
    Thanks for turning me onto them!


  2. Wolf ...
    The other day I was arrested stepping out of an AM/PM...
    Somehow I don't think that makes one a criminal.
    As for thieves,...ach ach!


    Add to this.
    How horrible it was.
    Tell Them.



    I am worried..
    I am living on the edge now..why is it so hard to find out what they are going to do with me?
    I was just going for more beer....walking..
    I'm not a noob.

  5. It's frustrating trying to communicate to the willfully ignorant how regulating the tools does nothing to regulate the tool user, it only removes useful tools from the box. You would think after a while sensible people would look at the results and draw a logical conclusion...but then again sensible is how we got here in the first place.

    There are no sensible restrictions to a natural human right.

    1. larry, hence the name of my blog. Since they won't listen...inflicting blunt force trauma to see if there's actually any brains in those skulls is legitimate. :P

  6. 550 fine.
    and they were waiting..
    shoulda walked down watlin' street.


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