Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday....

*Warning...there will be some cussing. So if you're the kind that's easily offended then
I suggest that you pack up your hankies and take your asses back to namby pamby land little ladies!*

Oh how I despise Black Friday. Aside from the fact I think it's stupid, and is part of the massive over commercialization of a holiday?  The holiday being Christmas. Your favorite bad tempered wolf worked retail for 10 long years.  I had to work it every year for those 10 long years.  It just proves to yours truly that people are stupid animals.  Watch how Vulture like they are, in setting up in tents outside various stores. In the following case here in Texas....... 5 FULL FUCKING DAYS BEFORE FRIDAY! (hat tip to my friend Robbie over at Urban Grounds for this one]

Now witness how like sheep they are as they flow into a store in droves...

Now witness how Hyena like they are, fighting over or to get to, whatever the hottest deal this case a cellphone at wally world..

This crowd of crows  at Thousand Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks California for the midnight opening of Urban Outfitters.

Back to walmart for cattle getting their  Towels and bedding..

Or this pack of ravening teenage female Hyenas outside a Victoria's Secret store...

What the hell is wrong with you people!  You're acting like a bunch of mindless animals over things!
Most of which I'll point out, that you don't really need!   Hell some of these stores didn't just open at Midnight....some of them opened during the DAY on Thanksgiving Day!  What the fuck?!   So really, what's you're excuse?  Oh wait you can get that cellphone for 96 cents?  Well golly gee beaver I didn't realize that slap me and call me stupid.  No wait...slap YOURSELF you blathering idiot. You can get a cell phone for free simply by signing a 2 year contract to whatever service it's tethered to.  Or...since that phone was a pre paid no contract're likely only saving about $28 since most of those phones are $30...yippee fucking shit!'s a question...did you absolutely NEED that cellphone?'ve already got a great cellphone but decided to get another one because"it was such a great deal"?  Well then...congratulations! You've just proven yourself to be the mindless, easily led around by the nose COW  the advertiser thought you to be!
Oh but there was a great deal on a TV?  Did you really need that TV?'ve got a great one at home that's only 2yrs old and it's a brand name?  Well congratu fucking lations! You've just bought no name cheap ass TV because you were told to. Stupid sheep!  Here's a novel concept.  If you've a Kmart or Walmart nearby people...Kmart as far as I know still has layaway year could have bought yourself a brand name tv and put it on layaway and paid it off over the course of a couple months.  Hell you could have done that at WALMART...but only since october or september when they start up the layaway program temporarily to help people get ready for christmas. say the store you're shopping at doesn't have layaway?  Com 'ere Wilbur...let me tell you a secret. It's called save up the money for whatever it is you are wanting,  over the period of a couple of weeks or months...and then go buy it.   BTW you do realize those TV's everyone is all excited over, there's only a few of them per store and they're only in there to draw people IN ,so they spend money right?  "But but...Woolllffff it was a brand name TV for a great price."  Oh that makes it alright then. You do realize you probably could have gotten the exact same TV for about the same price on Amazon or NewEgg or one of those websites right?  ***grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

*looks up* Gimme strength to resist, big guy.  Or I'm going hurt someone because they're terminally stupid,

Remember TANSTAAFL, and..
I  now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

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