Saturday, December 31, 2011

Interesting prediction

Was watching The Five yesterday. Some predictions
Bob Beckel predicted Obama would win re election and that the tea party candidates for congress were gonna get their asses kick.
Kimberly Guilfoyle predicts that the Supreme Court will declare Obama Care unconstitutional
Andrea Tantaros oddly enough thinks Bob is probably right and that Obama will win, but by a razor thin margin. She also thinks most of the conservative/Tea Party candidates for congress will win. Basically a sweep.
Greg Gutfeld also suggests that Obama might win.

I can't remember what Eric Bolling had to say.

Damn I hope the predictions about Obama winning are wrong. 4 more years of that son of a bitch and we're going to end up another Russia...or Brazil


  1. If we can get a grip on Congress/Senate they can limit the damage. A president is pretty limited domestically, but we need a legislature that is willing to hammer his ass when he oversteps his bounds.

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  3. WE haven't got a congress willing to hammer his ass. If the republican controlled house had ANY balls at all, they'd have shut off funding for EVERYTHING except ongoing military ops and deployments and brought the government to a screaming halt last year or year before. Everyone always conveniently forgets that the HOUSE controls the purse strings. Alas...Boehner and the rest talk the talk but lack the integrity and testicular fortitude to walk the walk.


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