Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ahhh gun grabbing control nazi's

so as i understand alot of gun ethusiasts are against the limitin of guns and gun laws which is what many activists propose to lower gun violence. thus i would like to ask all gun owners ethusiasts collectors ect how would YOU stop gun violence
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    • Cushite Minmitar In my opinion things have to get worse, much worse, before it will get any better. I had a conversation with a friend the other day, during the convo we both had an "Aha!" moment. Why not give the crazies exactly what they want "All the guns they could ever want". Scrap every gun law on the books and then sit back and wait about six months. I guarantee that every, and I mean every American would be screaming for gun prohibition. This sounds harsh I know, but it comes to a point that I can't see much other option; no matter how many deaths, nothing changes. Both the BC and VPC and many other groups are losing supporters left and right. Not because these people are suddenly pro gun, but because it come to a point that we are like, "Why bother, nothing is going to change, so to heck with this". Take the original "Gunguys" website for example. They were bloggin and posting for ages, then one day, boom!, Nothing! They closed down. And I believe it was because they are thinking as many of us do now; "Whats the point, no one listens". Sorry for such a downer post...
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    • Coalition to Stop Gun Violence You're entitled to your pessimism, but we assure you things WILL change. We do not sense any lack of determination in the gun violence prevention movement. Just the opposite. Mayors Against Illegal Guns has added an invaluable element to the movement, bringing municipal officials and law enforcement leaders to the forefront on this issue, and gun violence survivors are organized like never before. Is it going to be a tough slog? Yep. Just like every other worthwhile cause in this country ever was. But we WILL win.
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    • Robert A. Bono just enforce all the laws that are on books now no need for new laws
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    • John Donnaruma The NRA says that, while trying to prevent law enforcement from doing their jobs enforcing gun control laws and fully funding the ATF.
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and my reply:

For those who think taking the guns out of the hands of citizens is a good idea. I point you at 2 places. Europe, specifically England, where when the guns were taken from the citizens and guns were banned period...the really bad ones still had the guns and those that couldn't get them just switched weapons. If someone is intent on doing CRIME, You can NOT stop them through legislation. They WILL find a way. And now in England they are talking about banning *facepalm* KNIVES, idiots.
On the opposite end of the scale..I point you to a town named Kennesaw, Georgia. Where nigh on about 30yrs ago a law was passed that made it MANDATORY for all heads of household to own, maintain and know how to USE a gun. At the time it was a town of about 5000, now it's 6x that size. At the time...crime period, dropped to almost nothing over night. At the time the law was passed places and organizations similar to CSGV said that neighbor would end up shooting neighbor, kids would be shot for just "bein" they renamed the place GUNTOWN USA. Guess what boys and girls. In that time not only has the population grown to 6x the size it was when the ordinance was passed but crime is still LESS than half of what it was when the ordinance was passed. Oh and as far as I know[at least the last time I bothered to check a couple years ago] not a single murder. That is all...good day.

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