Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ahh politics

Reading various posts in the last hour or so, while sitting here listening to The Zac Brown Band..
I've come to a conclusion. As much as it annoys the hell out of me to say it..whoever manages to get the GOP nod after the Republican convention will get my vote. GOD it makes me highly nauseous to speak those words. I'll have to choke back the bile though and do it..because as some have said, at this point ANYONE of them is a better option than 4 more years of Obama. Frankly I've got no use for any of them at this point.
Perry? Perry needs to get his ass back here to Texas and do the goddamn job we elected him for.
Bachmann-she's the only one at this point remotely palatable to me, even if she doesn't 'have experience".
Newt? Newt is a long time career politician whose held his seat for decades. He's a part of the fucking problem.
Ron Paul? Same problem as Newt. Plus his ideas on the military and foreign policy front will get us into another war. Isolationism is not gonna make things better boys and girls. It only invites the barbarians to come knocking at the front door of our house instead of the tent we're camping in elsewhere. That falls under the heading of "bad things" Although I like a lot of what he intends/espouses domestically. Not all mind you but quite a bit of it.
Romney? Romney is fucking Obama Lite. I don't like Obama. So pray tell, what the fuck makes you think I'd find Romney any more palatable?
Hunstman? As I've said elsewhere and said repeatedly; the second that far left, hissy fit throwing left loon fucktard Chris Matthews calls you the "sanest candidate in the room", YOU SIR cease to be a viable fucking candidate.
Santorum? Honestly I haven't payed much attention to him, maybe I should for the next couple of debates. However, don't hold your breath til you turn blue in the face, expecting me to come back with a nice opinion of him.

That is all. I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity

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