Monday, August 24, 2009

Constitutional Amendment proposals..

I HAD 4 amendments in mind. I forgot one of them. Why? Because I couldn't get to my damn computer fast enough to put them in a word file. Note to self: next time use the legal pads you've got pinhead. anyway, here's 2 of them:

Amendment 29. forever hereafter No one will be allowed to hold a political office for more than 8yrs. As states right do apply per the constitution this amendment only affects the FEDERAL level of government.

  1. Therefore No President shall sit more than 2 consecutive terms in office. If a President is voted out after their first term of office they shall be barred from serving again for their lifetime at the federal level.
  2. Therefore No Senator shall serve more than one 6yr term. At the end of the 6yr term said senator shall be barred from running for or holding any political office at the federal level. With the exception of running for the office of president, if he wins see section A.
  3. Therefore No Representative shall serve more than 4 consecutive 2yr terms. After those 4 terms are up or if they are voted out before those 4 consecutive terms are run, they shall no longer be able to run for or hold any office at the federal level. Unless they run for Presidential office in which case see section A if they succeed in winning the election.
  4. Therefore after having served their terms, no President, Senator, or Representative shall have ANY position in the government such as appointees, Secretaries and Cabinet posts.

Amendment 30:

No politically appointed judge, be they appellate court, or Supreme court shall sit their seat for a term of more than 10yrs. After those 10yrs have passed they shall return to private life and practice. They shall also be barred from running for office at the federal level for a time of not less than 10yrs.

[note: I'm thinking I may have to reword this one a wee bit..but we'll see]

Our ancestors went through the trials and tribulations of bloodshed to throw off the shackles of slavery; economic and otherwise, of a petty cruel tyrant from across the seas. We have no wish to have the shackles from the past be replaced on us by homegrown petty kinglets who have no interest in the welfare of the people. Petty kinglets whose only interest is in their own power, aggrandizement and enrichment. Petty kinglets who only notice the people when they look down to see what they're stepping on.

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