Saturday, August 22, 2009

God, christians and..stupitidy

Had really enlightening conversation with a girl on pokerstars today that says she's a christian.
Now, I can remember the jist of of it but all the exact words are kind of blurry, 12+hrs and a 6pack of beer later.

Now this lass was being highly insulting telling some of the other players that they were going to go to hell. Not being able to stay out of a good verbal fight and being in a really wicked mood I decided to butt in.

I said something, don't remember exactly what and she responded with "oh dear god. a jim baker follower. you're doomed" Now don't ask me why she assumed this but she was about to discover the hard way, one of my favorite axioms. [Don't Assume..EVER. Its the mother of all fuck ups]
Me:"Jim Baker? The hypocrite? The man who couldn't keep his pants zipped and never met skirt he didn't want to lift? Riiiiigght. Guess again sweetpea."
Her: something along the lines of you're going to hell, blah blah blah, I hope you enjoy being gangraped in the after life. Blah blah blah. Pray you die before Charles Manson, blah blah blah.
ME: "ROFLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Ahhhh, virii and germs I give you man, the stupidest creature on the planet" I then said some other things I don't remember right now.
Her "God created man in HIS image. Are you saying god is stupid?"
Me "Yes, he IS."

She shut up at that point, sat herself out and until I left never heard from her again. Pity..I was looking forward to making her twist her panties in knots some more, in sheer impotent fury.
Now why on earth did I do this? Simple. I don't like self righteous hypocrites who go around telling everyone that they're going to hell when they die. That kind of 'I'm better than you because I'm a true believer or a born again' crap sets my teeth to grinding. Now if you believe in the bible you believe that God gave us a greater gift than he ever gave to any other creature. Freewill....okay and higher brain functions than any other animal on the planet. That alone convinces me he's not only capable of being; but has been more than once, at least as big a moron as any man, woman or child on the planet. Just for an example..No other creature on the planet besides man, [that we know of at the moment] feels GUILTY about doing whats necessary to survive and thrive. It just blows my mind some days.

Remember boys and girls

I now return you to your regularly scheduled boredom.

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