Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A thought.

What the hell is the point of having laws if your not willing to ENFORCE them? Seriously. I want you to think about what I'm going to say next. I think the rise in crime, has a lot to do with the decline and destruction of traditional, common CORE values, or morals if you prefer that word. Respect is earned, not freely given..yet in today's world, I'm supposed to RESPECT someone I despise just because someone tells me so?
Chivalry-I was/am involved in a conversation regarding this one, on another board. Chivalry [or what I call common courtesy] got put on death row by feminists, the rise in the crime rate and technology. Feminists are all 'I am woman here me roar!' and 'I don't need a man to do anything for me because anything a man can do *I* can do better' Try and be polite and you basically get told you're an a*****e. I was raised right so I'll still open doors, pull out seats, even offer my seat up to little old ladies and pregnant women on occasion. However if you're going to cop an attitude because I'm being polite then Kiss my fat hairy butt.
Technology- people don't want help...they've got cell phones..they don't NEED help from you when they can call the authorities. The fact that those authorities have better things to do like nailing drunk drivers, robbery suspects, homicide suspects, gangbangers, clearing accidents off the road; and finding lost and kidnapped children; never crosses their tiny little minds..
Crime- its flat out dangerous to offer help sometimes. There's a little thing called a honey trap. Pretty ladies on the roadside supposedly having trouble. You stop and then have a gun pulled on you and are robbed, and or murdered.

Half the young people coming up think they're OWED a payday whether they've earned it or not. God forbid they should give a good days work for a good days pay. Self reliance, honesty, personal responsibility, integrity, hard work..all these are concepts to ridicule according to the liberal philosophy. I think they're words and concepts to live by, to have a fruitful and meaningful life.

Sigh, I suspect that spiritually I'm what the young people and liberal morons would refer to as a dinosaur. Sadly most of our problems can be traced to the rise of liberalism in America.

We need to bring words like duty honor, integrity, self reliance etc back to the forefront of society, in order to save it To bring our old greatness back...which will as a direct effect lower the crime rates. . Without those concepts...we're just machines going through the motions.

[Edit10am 9/10/02...sorry it took so long. got sidetracked]
Now onto the punishment portion of our thoughtfulness.
The punishments must be embarrasing or painful enough that the lessons stick. When I say stick , I mean it's got to radiate through the criminal underworld and cause abject fear. For executions lets bring back Ol Sparky...that's the Electric Chair. Lets also bring back PUBLIC Hangings. I figure the latter especially will focus criminal minds quite wonderfully AWAY from crime. Might even scare some of the useless dipsticks onto the straight and narrow. "But, but...Curly that's inhumane!"
So! Like the crimes and atrocities that were committed by our death row reprobates, were humane? Why the hell should their deaths be any different in that regard than their victims? That is one thing I admire about the middle east cultures...the punishments while somewhat barbaric, are PUBLIC, messy, and immediately carried out; and an object lesson to the rest of the criminal class. We need to speed up the execution process. No sitting on Death Row for 10 or 20yrs getting all those appeals at the general expense of the public. Meanwhile we're also paying to clothe, feed, and house these useless bags of excrement. New law should be proposed. you get 3 appeal attempts, after that, you're immediately executed. Now that I've made my views known on the death penalty, lets move on.

Theft, robbery, assault and burglary, etc. These should all be punishable by hard labor. Road Gangs, picking up trash, doing charity work repairing exteriors of homes, fences, replacing mailboxes, etc. I'd also like to bring back Prison Farms in a big way. Let the bastards grow their own foodstuffs. Any excess gets sold at the local markets and the profits go to defray the costs of the care and housing of the reprobates. Or it can be canned for leaner times..either win. child molesters hold a special bit of contempt from me. In both cases its about power and the application of, not the sex. For the most part. for some it is about the sex because they don't want to pay for it, can't charm it out of women, and decide to take it. Either way...I'm still trying to decide on a fitting punishment in my eyes for that one.

Child Molesters. Easy enough..put them in the general prison populations. Their life expectancy is so low as to be non exsistant. For some reason hardened criminals seem to hold Molesters with a special kind of contempt and hatred. Don't know why that's so...just is.

Prostitution- Legalize it. Tax it. I've always thought criminalizing sex was stupid.

Well..that pretty much completes this entry. Until the next one.....


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  1. I vote "painfull enough"... As in, lop off arms, legs, peckers, heads etc. Chop off a leg and watch em try to be a purse snatcher!

    (you tried to hide but I found you!)


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