Friday, September 11, 2009

Remember, Remember the 11th of September

I remember. all I've got to do for a reminder is look at the top of my bookcase. 20 tapes or thereabouts filled with 4days or so of nonstop 24 coverage of the event from right after the 2nd plane hitting the towers. THAT is my daily reminder.
Alas I think for all the talk a lot of people have forgotten. Lots more just don't give a shit. for all the rhetoric I think a lot of people didn't care in the first place. Was just a number, some statistics and another day to them. Kinda like my birthday is to me..just a number and another day.

Perfect example..we were filled with resolve afterwards of how we were going to rebuild the towers, even taller and stronger than the originals. then it was just ONE tower. the freedom tower. Oooops apparently someone was offended by the name FREEDOM tower. Like *I* give a shit? Now...we're gong to get a goddamn memorial. 8 years....8 MOTHERFUCKING YEARS! What have we got? A goddamn fountain/reflecting pool and a hole in the ground. THAT is a disgrace my friends, A DIShonor, to our honored dead.

We haven't been NASTY and PUGNACIOUS enough in persecuting the terrorists. No Pity, No Mercy and No Prisoners..except for intelligence gathering purposes then kill em. They are cockroaches. They're a disease, a blight, a boil on the ass of humanity. Now depending on which one of the metaphors I just mentioned, you favor...
They need to be stepped on, poisoned, cured, or lanced..with extreme prejudice. Its the only way this crap with the terrorists is going to end, so our dead can rest. And so we can live with complete peace of mind.

Never Forget
NEVER Forgive.

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