Sunday, February 22, 2009

WhiteHouse orders DoD gag order

"The Obama administration has directed defense officials to sign a pledge stating they will not share 2010 budget data with individuals outside the federal government.

In an undated non-disclosure agreement obtained by Defense News, the administration tells defense officials that "strict confidentiality" must be practiced to ensure a "successful" and "proper" 2010 defense budget process."

Ladies and Gentlemen may I suggest that you find a hole and stock it with all you'll need to survive? If you can't do that stock up on Weapons, ammo and food supplies? This gag order doesn't bode well. It reeks of 2 possibilities..that either the Obama Administration is going to gut the DoD, IOw our military. means the administration is going to up the budget astronomically for purposes they don't want us to know about. Its the latter possibilities that give me the screamin willies.

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