Friday, February 20, 2009

The trouble with Mexico.

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It's a theme I've hit upon before but..*shrug* what the hell..lets cover it in a more thoughtful way. Mexico has become a violent nasty place. Controlled by the Drug Cartels..they've bought off politicians, military officers and personel and cops,; lock stock and both smoking barrels. What's the solution? Well the most extreme solution would be to glass the country over and have done with it.

I think there's a slightly less extreme solution..2 of them..both very similar. One is to do as some have suggested, just wall off the entire border. Pack it with multiple roving troop patrols, minefields, pillboxes, armed predator drones running racetrack patterns and ground cameras. There will be breaks in the wall..gates where traffic can flow through for trade. Its going to be ugly because one of the limitations on that gate I propose is to have every vehicle coming thru the gate FROM Mexico is to be searched, by dogs,people and machines for weapons, explosives and drugs..oh and people. As for travel TO Mexico.... considering the violent state of Mexico now; I'd not recommend anyone going over there for tourism at the moment. OTOH if you REALLY want to visit..hey its your ass, you were warned, don't come crying to me. I need to think some more on that one..I may drop some portion of this or add to it or both.

The other option is to go in with troops on the ground, invade and hunt down the cartels..I won't pretend this will be easy or quick but is the more logical to me of these two options. If it shoots at one of dies, if it waves a gun in our direction even vaguely it dies. Those known to be in the employ of the cartels die. We root out the cartels, prop up the gov't after we've killed enuff of them to sufficiently cow them, and suggest ways in which the government just MIGHT put its people to work, thereby helping their economy to boot. There's the petroleum company to work for.[although I'd bet some of them to be in the employ of the cartels]

There are, I have no doubt; going to be trials and tribulations, but maybe if we can change the way things are run down there and rid them of the cartels and their flunkies we might actually have an ally thats worth something. I'm still trying to flesh out in my own mind alot of things about this idea.

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  1. There is another solution. Legalize the recreational drugs these cartels are trading. Regulate them as we do with alcohol, sell them in legitimate, regulated stores (again, as we do with alcohol) and the problem goes away just as the alcohol-related violence of the 1920's went away after the repeal of prohibition. I know you are going to rant and rave on the problems with these drugs but we are beyond the means to stop drug use in this country. One more benefit - we get more tax revenue in a time when the federal and state governments need it.


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