Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Last nights speech..

i didn't even bother to watch but maybe 5 mins of it. It was the same old garbage. Ya know, if I didn't know any better I'd swear the annointed one was still on the campaign trail. He's dazzling his supporters while at the same time trying to baffle the rest of us with bullshit. Alas where I'm concerned the latter is most definitely not working. I KNOW he's full of shit Obama the Hollywood President. I loved one of ABS commentators comments. 'He's accomplished more in his first 30 days than others have accomplished in years.' Oh really? How do you figure. He's passed the biggest spending bill ever..most of which won't become active and useful til around the 2010 election season as a way to buy votes. He's put a gag order on the defense dept to keep the budget secret. I think he's going to slash and burn there to create his 'civilian volunteer force', and that children bothers me. I could go on..but..*shrug* suffice to say he and the dem congress are 'running' not walking down the road to socialism is what it seems to me.

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