Thursday, May 1, 2014

"Freedom of Speech" or is it really anymore?

Buckle up it's gonna be a bumpy ride,and I really don't give FLYING FUCK what anyone thinks of this one.

Everyday in the news and across the internet, the publishing world etc, examples that Freedom of Speech is dead, or on it's way it's way to dying.  Now it's freedom of speech for thee but not for me. Or you can say freedom of speech for me but not for thee. Pick whichever version makes you happy.

Freedom of speech, but only so long as it's politically correct, officially approved by the committee speech. Go against the borg gestalt and the gestalt will actively destroy you or make a damn good attempt at it. 

How can I say such things? Open your fucking eyes and ears people.  Here's the most recent example. An NBA team owner makes offensive comments.  So he's been banned from the NBA and is being fined $2.5million dollars by the league. How did this come to light?  Oh I don't know...maybe that supposed mistress he was supposedly fucking on the side that was recording everything he said, decided there was more money in controversy and writing a best selling memoir.

Or maybe it's because she's being SUED by the wife of 50yrs of  Donald Sterling, for the return of an almost $2million dollar duplex, a range rover, a ferrari and 2 Bentleys that sterling bought for his supposed mistress. Personally I wonder if he can even get it up with viagra.  I also doubt his heart would approve of the strain

Which as I said, tells me this is about money.

Then there was what Cliven Bundy said. Not even gonna bother to link to the news stories and such in this one. If you haven't heard of this one you've been living under a rock.  Note in his case whether what he said is "racist" or not is fucking irrelevant. The fact that the government sent out more fire power for a rancher who is refusing to kowtow to a government run amok, that is the relevant story. or as a lady on youtube put it...

Then there was a question in the music world of is Avril Lavignes latest video racist and insensitive

No, by the way it's FUCKING ENTERTAINMENT YOU ASSHATS get a grip.
It's not racist...hell the fans of hello kitty and anime fucking WALLOW in the goddamn "stereotypes", so what makes you so fucking special to be able to call this insensitive? Go pound sand you twatwaffles.

And then there was the brouhaha's over the Hugo Awards..

Starting with Jonathon Ross being asked and accepting to host. Here's one take on it..

here's another take, by Neil Gaiman..

Because of a bunch of vocal attacks on him..Ross said fuck it, and withdrew.

Then there was the Tempest in an Tea Cup over the nominations. 

HEre's a  lonnng post about it by one of the receivers  of vitriol because he DARED to ask his fans to vote to get one of his books on the nominations list. Something that is apparently fine for others if they're of the right political slant[read leftist and even John Scalzi darling of the set will say  he's done it himself and I HATE Scalzi's politics] but is an abomination if your a libertarian, a conservative or even a slightly right leaning centrist.

My response to both those "controversies"?  Well to them that is stirring the poisonous brew with a spoon of concentrated hatred I say...get over yourselves.

Ahh then of course Larry previous made INTERNATIONAL news with his response to Alex Daily MacFarlane's whining demand  that  she wants "an end* to the default of binary gender in science fiction stories."  You ran read that miserable vomitous mass here:

Or you can follow the link to it from Larry's response to it and the guardian article from the following post. Note if you go this route through prepared for a LOT of reading. This one is link heavy and for good reason.

Yes for those that apparently haven't felt the heavy *smack* of the clue by four..I am a fan of Larry's and agree with every goddamn word he's said about ALL the aforementioned literary whining, childishly stupid tempests in teacups.  Larry first response was a scathing reply that perhaps a good STORY  should come before filling some, race, gender, social justice quota in books.  For which he got steaming pile of camel dung tossed at him.

Then there was this a bunch of bullshit from Dartmouth College..
This time, the fracas is over a fundraiser for cardiac care that the Phi Delta Alpha fraternity and the Alpha Phi sorority had planned to jointly sponsor, reports Campus Reform.
Problems arose because a single student, junior Daniela Hernandez, was offended by the party’s theme of “Phiesta.”

Now while I agree with part of her reasoning....

" “the Americanization of Cinco de Mayo and its construction as a drinking holiday in the United States, cultural appropriation and the inappropriate usage of cultural clothing, and the exploitation of groups of people and cultures for the sake of business opportunities”—and, apparently, charity opportunities."  

It was the monetization, hell a commercialization of a "holiday" that most of mexico didn't bother to celebrate so the beer companies can sell more beer.   However......

I realized upon further reading that Ms Hernandez  ain't got much love for the school either...

"It was sadly unsurprising that a culturally-themed party was seen as a casual venture for such a privileged institution such as Dartmouth,” Hernandez proclaimed." 

And yet.......?
Hmm I wonder?   A query for you Ms Hernandez. If you  really have that much disdain for such a "privileged institution";  then WHAT in all the multiple fucking levels of hell are you doing there young lady?  If you really have that much disdain...why are you not going to school? or some school with a less than "privileged" background ethos. Like say a local junior college or a STATE college.   Or even.*gasp* dare I say of the online degree factories?  My inquiring mind would kinda like to know the answer you deceitful dimwit.  One also wonders if you're paying all your own freight for school, in which case I applaud you for that at least.  Or if you got a scholarship for that school?  Inquiring minds want to know..
Phi Delt president Taylor Catchcart explained why the Greek organizations folded.
“We felt that the possibility of offending even one member of the Dartmouth community was not worth the potential benefits of having the fundraiser,” he said." 

Meaning you didn't have the BALLS to stand up to one vociferous, hypocritical jackass?  Wow.

I won't even bother with the whining from a teenager about McDonalds happy meals.

So, do we really have freedom of speech anymore? Some days I wonder

Remember TANSTAAFL and..

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.


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