Friday, May 2, 2014

A guest post...via "racsim" which don't exist.

Odd as that may seem to you my friends and readers. YEah a guest post. Written by a friend of mine. I may riff off it later. He may give me more material to edit in. It's a hell of a thought and right now I'm just too damn tired to do anything with it but post it. Enjoy germs and virii

Humans and their groups.. Humanity has been on the planet in it’s present for for about a quarter of a million years. That means that if you were to meet a person from 250,000 years ago he would be physically much the same as anyone walking the streets today. There would be no physical difference. Matter of fact...a neanderthal probably wouldn’t draw that much attention...particularly at a tractor pull..but that’s another story. As i was saying...Physically we look the same now as we did a quarter million years ago. How bout our minds? How quickly do our minds change? The deep roots of our consciousness? The crankshaft and gears of our ID? Just guessing...I’d say not much. Probably today’s mental machinery is pretty much the same as it was then. Now consider this. For all that time...people dealt with other people retail. People lived in small groups. Possibly twenty to fify. Call it clans perhaps? These small groups were then subordinate to a larger grouping...possibly a hundred or so. (Side note...consider the Army. Squads, fire teams and the company. the boys that get stuff done...everyone else supports THEIR mission) So...for a quarter million years the ruts are worn into our minds that the proper number of people to deal with...isn’t very many. A few hundred, a few thousand, a million...MORE? Well that’s just insane. Literally insane. Ever notice that the over all intelligence of a group DECREASES as the size increases? It's an inverse relationship. Of course the stupidist is the federal Government. Cant’ get any stupider than that. And that’s the problem.

"Further along with that concept is the idea the individuals are getting more and more powerful. Consider a modern day redneck...say..Mark Wandry with his toys. He could take out a squad of cavalary of a hundred years ago...or a company of pike men a thousand years ago...or a whole army of swords men...two thousand years ago...all by his little lonesome" 
Elon musk is more powerful today than, say, a small european COUNTRY was prior to WWI.

Remember TANSTAAFL and..

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity


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