Sunday, April 20, 2014

Epiphany...dude it really ISN'T racism!.....

It's speciesism......oh fuck. The fact I came up with this in the wee hours this morning because I was awake, being upset and depressed....makes me feel like I just set loose a ball of carnivorous worms in my skull and I can feel them eating my brain.  Dude...not even drunk or hungover[though I'd reallllly love to be the former right now given the way I feel] and I came up with this?  Ow...just ow. *groan* oh god...

Okay lets see if I can get this all down.  And yeah I'm probably gonna piss off a bunch of people.  Anyone who's read this blog knows that I argue that what most people call racism, is in fact tribalism.

Differences of opinion and wars between tribes of people. To reiterate.. tribes exist in various it's base, tribe is family.  In the macro it's nation. and there are almost as many types and sizes of tribes in between those two, as there are stars in the sky.   A slight exaggeration to be sure but you get my point.  Which in point of fact would make me a tribalist and a nationalist. OTOH those descriptives cover pretty much everyone on the planet. But what if it's something else in confluence with that? Species.  People, even some who agree with me about a great many things political will say "how can it be tribe with the genetic differences that say...make blacks way more susceptible to certain diseases?"   Okay here's my answer. Sub genera of the same genus or...sub species...slight genetic offshoots of the same species.  In other words. the Different "races" are still as I believe, tribes but they are also separate but equal offshoots of the same SPECIES.  The one we ALL belong to...Homo sapiens. Therefore...I dub thee  Homosapiens sub genus epicanthic[asians for the epicanthic folds of their eyes.]  Sub genus africus[blacks], sub genus latin [latin descent...yeah I know that one makes too much sense and is too simple. stillll]  Sub Genus Sahara[arabs...though they could probably fall as a sub set of the sub genus africus]. Sub Species caucasus. [white folk] Sub genus punjabi [indians and related tribes] Oh and sub genus...well crap...still need one for the American Indian..I don't know....sub genus Navajo?  Why that? Why not?

So in addition to being a tribalist[and a member of several different tribes at that..some occasionally at odds with one another]  and nationalist bastard; I'm also I guess a speciesist. Or maybe that should be Specieism and Speciest.    Has your head exploded yet?  No?  Oh well..I feel better. I don't feel like carnivorous worms are trying to eat their way through my fucking skull anymore.  That was the important part.

Now I have another problem...if I've carried this to a logical conclusion as I think I have....I think...
[okay I can hear the chuckles from some of my friends about the double "think" now. HUSH! this is as much an emotionally cathartic exercise for me, as much as anything else.  the fact I also think it's a weirdly fascinating mental exercise not withstanding]

  Then does that mean that I just gave logical justification for the belief of the all the mad bad buggers of history and current world orders, such as hitler for one example and slavers for another...that certain types of people are "sub human"?   Cause that thought path bothers me a bit.  Okay more than a bit, because I'd hate to give those dictatorial fuckers justification for their insanities and atrocities.  Sigh...shit I think the worms just came back.................*groan*

'truly amazing and terrifying  the mind of the wolfish one is'

Oh for those that wonder what set my brain off like this...being basically told that I'm a racist,  or rather what I was saying was racist. Which normally doesn't bother me. As it tends to be the cry of people with differing political philosophies than I, that I argue with on the web. Who cry "racism" because the only  possible reason I or anyone else can dislike and disagree with everything Obama has done, is doing is because he's  black.  *flaming snort of disdain* Which ignores the real reason I detest him.  He's a lying, disingenuous, fork tongued, incompetent bumbler who is doing things I vehemently oppose because well...they are WRONG as far as I'm concerned. Except this time I was told what I was saying was racist  by some one I care about very much.  Which ignores the fact I'm part irish and part german. Which means my Irish ancestors were quite possibly slaves themselves at one point. or my ancestors fellow irish were. And were abused by their government or a foreign one at some point.  I give you the 'Potato Famine',  people, go find a BOOK at the library and read.   *rubs skull*  Come to think on it, probably some of my germanic ancestors were as well. Sorry folks who call "racism" and regurgitate the evils of the "white man against the black man".  Whites were enslaved right along with blacks, asians and every other skin pigment on this rock;  and LONNNG before this country was born. Before the concept of this country was even a gleam in our founders eyes. Hell before our founder's FATHERS were gleams in their own daddy's eyes.

Edit 4/20.  You know......I wrote this a MONTH ago and I just came back to re read it. I think I set the carnivorous worms loose in my brain again. Fuck!  Editorial note ..a caustic, sarcastic,  cynical son of a bitch I will freely admit to being, but DAMN!  Happy  Easter!

Remember TANSTAAFL and...

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

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