Tuesday, October 16, 2012

You know what?

Your favorite curly wolf lives in 'da hood'.  It gets worse every year. It's not as bad as some other parts of town where violent crime is concerned but it's a hive of gang bangers, break ins, the occasional car theft, the little fuckers last year beat an old man walking down the street.  big tough guys these little fuckers are...takes 6-8 of them to beat on one old man.  I just heard the sound of gunshots a few minutes ago.  8 rounds.   My response?  As I'm just coming in out of the rain from the backyard with the dog no less.."Ahh the sound of gunfire in the evening."    Said as calmly and sardonically as you please.  To be honest... I'm not sure whether to be proud of the fact I'm downright equanimous about this...or bothered by the fact I'm so calm and nonplussed by it.   Meh...

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