Friday, October 26, 2012

Apologies my friends...

that I'm not posting here much recently. Been busy getting into arguments and discussions elsenet...hell ALL OVER else net.  With all the political chicanery, propaganda and dim wittery going on at the moment and my involvement else net..just don't have the patience right now to do the kind of posts you're used to seeing from me.  That being said a few personal anecdotal tid bits as it regards the election.
I voted earlier this week.  Holy Crap! The lines for the polls!

  I mentioned this in one of my forays elsenet and got told basically that I was telling people I was better than them. getting my duty done and out of the damn way. Same conversation got me accused of being
A. A liberal...which is laughable because as my few liberal friends will tell you, on most things I'm FAR from liberal. Quite the opposite actually.
B. An illegal mexican...*snicker*  Wow!  I'm a mexican illegal?!  Who knew?  It's a stunner to me to have this discovery thrust upon me. I suspect it'll  be an even greater shock to my mom and pops whose family and parents were German and Irish, respectively. Might even give them heart failure.
C.  one of the dumbest people alive.  Oo...after that one I just asked the man with the Superiority comple.......nooo scratch that....the asshole with delusions of adequacy if he felt better. 

One of the other things I mentioned in the original comment that started the discussion was that electing Romney was not going to mean a thing if you don't give him senators and reps who want to abide by the constitution, gut the government and return us to a "limited" government.  Which the aforementioned asshole completely ignored to make personal attacks on me.  And some of my more...gentle forgiving friends have had the gall over the years to wonder why I hold most of the human race in contempt...

TANSTAAFL and as always..

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.


  1. Oooooh! That's me! Kind and gentile soul, yeah! That's me!

    1. Oh I was most definitely NOT referring to you when I talk about my more gentle friends. You're at least as nasty a bastard as me.

  2. AWK! part irish! Hide the likker!

    1. *glare* you hide the whiskey and I'm going to hurt you.

  3. Is that double rectified or just Holy Shit whiskey?
    And better not touch my makers mark. will slap ya!
    Honest...I have one in my pocket!


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