Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Another Border Patrol Agent killed.

On the Arizona-Mexico border.
Our borders are secure?

Tell me another one. Put military troops, and drones on the border. You don't need to build a wall. Just a long line of man jacks[that's remote operated/ sensor triggered machine guns] , mine fields, Armored Patrols, Air Patrols and Drones. Make the border a  no mans land where in anything that moves and comes across...dies.


  1. Wolf..
    We have a family of Sikhs who moved here.
    It was amazing how closed they were...
    People were so closed minded. They saw the wrap..the indian look..and instantly they were the enemy.
    Good enough to sell a slurpy, but not good enough to be a friend or open their heart.
    It sickens me.
    I was so close minded too..not long ago...I didn't know about the sikhs.
    As for the agent..
    The goverment...the supervisors..should be charged with premeditated murder...
    because if you follow an unlawful order..you should have the damn balls to stand up.

    1. what illegal order? they were simply riding out on horseback to check a tripped sensor when they were gunned down.


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