Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Mornin Politics

Why? Oh WHY? Did I go flip through the channels this morning quicklike and allow my self to settle on the Big 3 networks in succession. Liberal politics that early in the morning, especially before I've had breakfast annoys the hell out of me..........
Okay I'll be honest..liberals annoy the hell out of me24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Why? Well because they're lying, disingenuous , truth distorting, prevaricating snake oil salesmen who distort the truth when they don't just outright lie.
For example lets take[please, PLEASE take it and flush it down the frackin toilet. It stinks!] the debate on the current "framework" for a tax bill. IOW the extension of the "Bush Era" tax cuts.
Now one of the things that held it up from the beginning was Democrat objection to extending a tax break "for the rich"
1. This objection is a tad ironic if you look into it. Since the RICHEST people sitting on the hill in congress are DEMOCRATS.
2. they complain the top 5% of earners shouldn't get tax breaks to reward their greed. Which is REALLY ironic because of point one AND while the numbers vary..the top 5% pay anywhere from 55%-80% of the total amount of taxes paid every year, depending on who you listen to. And that's DESPITE the tax breaks we've been operating under that are fixing to expire!

Now they also say this is because those wealthy don't create any jobs. Sigh this is obscenely deceitful. Because those who earn anywhere between a quarter million a year, right up to those top 5%'ers that earn billions every year..who employ the rest of us! Either directly owning the companies we work for, or by buying goods and services from someone else. Put it another way. anyone who works for a living and buys goods and services[ie spends money] employs other people. in essence we're ALL each others employers and employees. YEs that means that even among the so called 'idle' rich help keep people employed with every trip they take, every car they purchase, every meal they eat, every bath they take, every animal they own and feed, with every step they take in their $2,000 a pair or more shoes..creates employment!

Now another 'talking point' that is getting bandied about by democrats that is an utter pile of shit, is this supposed $700 billion loss/cost their going to take by extending the tax break to the rich. Now, let me clarify this statement. This number of $700 billion is just a figure they pulled out of thin air..or their asses, because it's a big number that sounds good but has no actual basis in facts and reality. See what the democrats are REALLY objecting to is that extending the tax breaks will cut into money they were depending on getting AFTER the breaks expired, that they could spend willy nilly..without thought or consequence. Only one HUGE problem there. Can anyone guess what that problem is?
Yes that's's not THEIR money to spend in the first place! It belongs to US, the taxpayers.

See what happens to your thought processes when you apply logic and reality, instead of fantasy and emotion to them?

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