Thursday, December 9, 2010

Animal Rights n the news again...

Rights? animals don't HAVE rights..outside of being the right to be eaten or destroyed.
What has ME pissed at the Animal Rights Retarded Morons Incorporated again?
Well..just to start with..this right here:

Yes boys and girls..this mental midget actually had the gall to compare the latest episode of Sarah Palin's Alaska to a snuff film. A snuff film is a porn film in which at the moment of sexual participant kills the other. Earth to Aaron...why are you not in a special class for the mentally deficient? The fact that you can BREATHE has to be, because you have an imp on either shoulder. One telling you to breathe in, and the other telling you to breathe out. I suspect there's another one that sits atop your head with an..umbilical cord straight into your cortex..that feeds you all your ideas and words. In other words..your a puppet you pompous, arrogant ass.

I really liked Sarah Palin's response to such criticism. Basically 'unless you've never worn leather shoes, sat on leather seats etc, had a knife or something that has a handle made out of some animals bones or horns, and never eaten meat..shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down.'

The ARRMI are all also, equally offended by this:

I would point out that the meat from this massive deer kill is going to feed the homeless. Personally I'd have just declared the park open season and let in hunters with 4-5 deer limit. all the meat to be processed in valley forge butcher shops. Therefore you don't have to pay FEDERAL sharpshooters to do the shooting and the area makes a profit. Because if you do it my way..then just like the feds are doing..the bulk of the meat is gonna be donated. Plus hell, the government could make money off the licenses to hunt in the park! IOW making money instead of spending it.

Also I saw a very brief interview with some lady. Forget her name and the name of the group she represents but she said she could "hear the screams at night" when she went to bed of the deer being killed. *facepalm*

I personally think we should have an open season, no bag limit, on animal rights activists and environmentalists. They obviously want the human race to become extinct, therefore they're a threat to our existence.


  1. My gripe with Sarah Palin shooting the caribou is the rookie mistakes she made. You do not shoot at an animal with a rifle you have never used before. If she was going to use it in the hunt, she should have sighted it in first. If the rifle hadn't been so badly off, she could have maimed the animal and cuased it to suffer needlessly.

  2. Tim..I'm kinda philosophical about it to tell you the truth. Even longtimeers ooops occasionally. In other hunting news. Went to pick my mom up from work one day last week. Her boss was just..blownminded. HIS son had gone to their deer lease with a bowhunt. And bagged an 8 or 9pt buck ..and within 12hrs of getting there no less! I keep forgetting to call Doc and ask what the deer weighed in at. I just hope he bags one himself so I can get some more deer meat from him.


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