Monday, November 23, 2009

NYC and the 9/11 5

So Eric Holder, in his *infinite* wisdom has decreed that the sheik and his 4 followers will be tried and prosecuted in NYC. Why? Is it to give them a "fairer" trial than they'd get under the UCMJ? Not really...they'd already confessed so they should have been summarily executed and the bodies vanished. The fact this was not done was a monumental cockup on the part of the Bush white house. Which is what this trial is really about. To put the Bush White house on trial instead of the Terrorists who planned the attack on 9/11. Why? Political partisan bullshit. You see..the Obama White house wants to "demonize" the war. To..make the war so unpopular that, they will be forced by the public outcry to end the war and pull all our troops home. Think about the consequences if the bastards go free. Do you REALLY think that the planners behind the original 9/11 attacks will go back to a life of peace and tranquility or will they go back to what they were doing before?
What will happen if the 5 are convicted and put into general population as a man whose opinion I respect suggested? Will they be terrorized themselves or will they find fertile recruiting grounds to swell the ranks the 'faithful'?

This would give them another Vietnam to cry about. Ignoring the fact that we're 'winning. Another year or 2 and Iraq will stand on it's own two feet. With enough time and enough application of brute force and horrific death we can win in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Make no mistake, to actually win in Afghanistan and Pakistan now is going to be a hard bloody bitch. We have to fight because of the nukes that Pakistan possesses. If the radicals get a hold of those weapons they WILL use them. Doubt that not.

This war is also a war of ideals. In order for ours to survive the terrorists and their ideals have to be's that simple.You see under their ideals we'd be reduced to slavery..those of us that survived anyway. Most of us would be dead. The surviving men would be labor, our women would be used as whores and our children? Sold, to be raped and used as slave labor. The RIF's would turn the clock back 200,300, hell 400 years.

So ask yourself what kind of world you want to live in...and choose. Choose wisely. Choose better than our so called 'leaders and representatives' have.

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